How To Wear It – The Blue Chambray Shirt

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Target Merona Ultimate Dress Shirt – $22.99

Originally Published 11/7/11

This isn’t one of those rougher looking two-pocket chambray work shirts.  What it is, is Target’s incredibly affordable and decently fitted Merona Ultimate Dress Shirt, in a darker chambray-blue.  Collar stays, one chest pocket, the usual dress shirt details.  All in that textured-looking blue on white color that’ll never be mistaken for a solid royal blue shirt.

They’re a 60/40 cotton poly blend, but don’t feel itchy like many cotton/poly shirts.  Despite the dressed up look and feel with this one, chambray is inherently casual.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this version (or almost all other chambray shirts) both dressed up and dressed down.  Here’s three pieces of proof…

1. With a Khaki Sportcoat:  Sportcoat by GAP, Boots by L.E.C.icon, Tie by U.O., Watch by Golana

All of this is dressed up work-wear.  A khaki or taupe sportcoat gives you a lighter colored layer up top that lets the deeper blue of the shirt stand out.  Wear work-style boots that have a dressed up feel (well shined / some contrast stitching / maybe both) and a watch with a rubber band, and you end up with a cleaned up sporting look.  It’s a collision of trap shooting and cocktail party.  Because that would be a real smart idea.


2. With a waistcoat:  Waistcoat by U.O., Boots by Timberland, Jeans by Levis, Belt by GAP

Try not to sing “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad”

Granted, waistcoats aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for something to layer under a wool vest like this one, you could do a lot worse than a crisp shirt in blue chambray.  Find denim that’s at least a shade or two darker and warm brown shoes or boots to go with it.  A white dial dress watch should help you look a little less like an extra in How the West was Won.


3. With a Flannel Suit:  Suit by L.L. Bean, Sweater by B.R., Shoes by A.E., Watch by Timexicon

A post-work pub happy hour is calling.

Proof that you can be in a suit but still not look stiff.  Flannel suits are about as comfortable as pajamas.  Only unlike pajamas, you don’t look ill when you go out in public while wearing a flannel suit.  That textured look to the shirt is a perfect match for the heavy flannel.  Throw a black v-neck on underneath for a poor man’s relaxed three piece.  Finish with shoes that have a more traditional toe.  Brogue boots or Allen Edmonds should work great.

Are you a believer in Chambray shirts?  How do you wear yours if you have one?  Leave it all below…