Would you wear it? The Blackout Hilfiger Automatic

No quartz, no big price tag, no... contrast...
Tommy Hilfiger Automatic Ion Plated Leather Strap Watch – $165.00

Available through Nordstrom, so it ships and returns free from there.

As the kids would say, “Murdered Outand it’s an affordable automatic.  Hilfiger makes mainly quartz watches, but they do make a few with automatic movements.  All of those usually have a cutout window on the dial that screams “hey look!  it IS an automatic!”  Kinda bothersome for some, but on this model it blends in thanks to the all black scheme.

Make no mistake.  Despite being made by Movado (like the BOSS watches over here) Hilfiger watches, by in large, feel far from bullet proof once you get them in your hands.  A few quartz models are even embarrassingly flimsy feeling.

Water resistance is only 30 meters.  The case is described to be a perfect for many, in-between 42mm, but it does have that big honkin’ crown.  Nice stripe of blue on the crown though.

So would you wear it?  Too expensive/trendy/etc?  Or would you consider it an interesting addition to a small but already established watch collection?  Leave your take below…