Good looking shoes for guys with wide feet

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From the Mailbag:  Where can the wider foot fellas find some shoes?

Top Photo Credit: Bob Doran

Where’s a good place to find wide shoes that don’t look boxy or cost an arm and a leg?  Almost all of your suggestions (and all others around the internet) are for shoes that do not come in wide.

– Scott

Scott.  My man.  You know what they say about a guy with big feet.  And you know a woman loves a man in a great looking pair of shoes.  What… you want to be invincible too?

I kid.  Scott makes a great observation though.  There’s a real shortage of affordable, good looking shoes that come in wide sizes.  Maybe it’s because they might cost a little more to produce.  Maybe it’s because retailers are sticking to the middle to maximize profits in a rough economy.  Maybe it’s both.  If you’re a wide-foot, leave any tips for Scott in the comments.  Meanwhile, these should fill up the floor of a wide-foot’s closet:

The Dress Shoe: John W. Nordstrom ‘Lido’ Oxford – $175.00

Made in Italy, sleek and available in wide.

First featured over here and you have to wonder what needs to be done to get Nordstrom to make these in brown or cognac.  I’m sure we could pool some cash together and buy whoever makes that decision a fruit basket.  Plenty sleek looking, a cap toe to keep it classic, true oxford lacing, and it ships/returns free from Nordstrom.


The Cheaper Dress Shoe Option:  Cole Haan Air Garrett – $129.90 ($195)

Not super sleek, but not boxy either.

Cole Haan and Johnston & Murphy seem to be two brands to consistently turn to for sub $200 shoes in wide widths.  Are they going to be the most exciting things ever?  Not usually.  But when found on-sale in a versatile, not your run-of-the-mill brown like this burgundy pair, they’re worth considering.


The Do anything Boot:  Florsheim Hawley – $136 w/ LINK20 ($170)

Wear em' with jeans, chinos, cords, etc...

Make no mistake.  These do have just a bit of clunk to them, but not much.  And the shape of the toe is excellent.  These things are all around awesome in the brown “Crazy Horse” leather.  20% off with the code LINK20 and come with a weather resistant, Goodyear welted rubber sole.  Available in D and 3E widths.  Full review here.


The probably won’t be wide enough but just look at it boot:  J&M Newell – $185.00

Available in black as well.

The regular width is a little tight on my borderline wide foot, so expecting a cavernous amount of space on their wide option might be getting hopes uneccessarily up.  Reviews are very mixed on this one and some have claimed quality issues.  They’re a great looking boot, but best to wait for a sale.  And even then?  Probably a risk.


The Casual Loafer:  L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Shoes – $59.00

No Schooner neccessary.

Spring and summer is on the way, and the wide foot fellas shouldn’t be damned to sweaty, bad looking wide casual shoes for the warmer months.  249 reviews and these basics STILL have 4.5 stars.  Impressive.


The Classic Desert Boot:  L.L. Bean Crepe Sole Suede Chukka – $89.00

Laid back and dependable as all get out.

L.L. Bean to the rescue again.   Clarks are tough to find in wide sizes (do they even make them?)  No matter.  Another really, really well reviewed classic made by the folks from L.L. Bean.  Ships free too.


Suede Bucks: Hush Puppies Hackman – $62.99 ($85)


You bet that’s a pair of red suede shoes.  Not fire engine red by any means, and it’s even called “Red Brown Suede.”  Also available in a standard taupe suede (and over at endless they’re under $50.)  Inexpensive.  Has plenty of character.  Check out the video and you’ll see that the rubber sole isn’t all that noticeable from above.  Well reviewed and some wide-footers have even chimed in.  Free shipping both ways.


The lug sole but still dressed up boot:  A.E. Bayfield in black or brown – $164* ($350)

Tough and class all in one package.

This price requires the code “honor” (all lower case) at checkout and then a donation of a pair of gently worn shoes.  More on their Soles4Souls program over here.  Sizes are getting scarce on these in both normal and wide sizes.


The Safe Plays:  Johnston & Murphy Tyndall Wing and Cap Toe – $150.00

Both options available in black & tan.

Doors won’t be blown off and not many skirts will be flipped, but these are made from Italian Calfskin and have an “updated” profile.  The $150 price isn’t too expensive, but these shouldn’t be department store cheap feeling either.  One of those rare pairs in the middle ground.


The Splurge Wingtip: Allen Edmonds Hinsdale – $214* ($335)

Great lines, terrific medallion.

Again, this price requires the code “honor” and participation in the Soles4Souls program.  Over $200, but marked way down already, and then the extra $35 off makes them a tempting investment.  Not a true oxford (no closed lacing on this one) but could become a go-to black dress shoe.  Built on the Allen Edmonds Welted Last-8, which is the same last that the Weybridge is built on.  Speaking from experience, the shape of the Weybridge is far from stumpy.  It’s a nice blend of traditional and a great toe shape.  Not blocky at all.

Okay Dappered Collective… your turn.  Specifically those of you out there with wide feet.  Where have you found great looking shoes at a reasonable price?  Have you turned to Ebay?  Outlet malls?  Leave it all below…