St. Patrick’s Day 2012 – The Best of Green

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Green gets the shaft.  Kermit knows this.  For 364 days out of the year green takes a back seat to blue, black, grey, and a host of other colors.  But not on St. Patrick’s day.  That’s the one day when Green reigns supreme.  In honor of Green and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, here’s the annual list of Dappered’s favorite green things…

Sidenote:  that pic up there giving you the case of the creeps?  It’s actually an album cover.  Next time you’re thrifting, spin by the Vinyl section.  Perhaps you could snag an original edition of “Ireland a go go  Credit:  James Vaughan.

1. Rugby Checkered Card Case – $35.00

Yeah, but my pawns won’t fit in here.

First seen over here.  Hasn’t gone on sale yet.  If you’re more of a minimalist, and are a little wary of the bright colors trend, then one way to embrace that whole bit is to keep something like this in your pocket.  It only shows up on occasion.  Nice price even at full retail.


2. Orient Aviator Automatic – $217.50 ($290.00)

Auto, screw down crown, and plenty bright in the dark.

Featured back in July, and it looks like Orient has been sold out of this specific color combination for awhile.  Link above takes you to Amazon where they have more.  Or, you could just buy the stainless version, use a 30% off code (Winter2012 is working) and replace the band with a leather one of your choosing upon arrival.  Where’s the current Dappered/Orient giveaway?  Orient sent along the wrong watch.  They say they’re working on it, and their current code system is in a bit of current flux.


3. Banana Republic Silk/Linen V-Neck – $59.50 (but $41.65 at 30% off)

You will not blend in.

Takes some onions to pull it off, but this is the time of the year to take a color like this for a spin.  Nice work by BR to combine two terrific materials.  Silk is the powerhouse behind their smooth and light silk/cotton/cashmere V-necks, and linen is perfect for spring into summer.  Haven’t seen it in person yet, but it’s awfully promising.  Just one ships free, even if a code drops it under $50 during a sale.


4. Pistachios

They can help you not outgrown that blazer.

No, really.  Pistachios.  Sometimes (okay, all the time) it’s about staying fit so your clothes actually fit.  And while nuts aren’t exactly celery, one pistachio kernel has about 3 to 4 calories.  Pistachios also have tons of good fats, fiber, and help make you feel more full than a handful of Mike & Ikes.  They also take longer to eat.  Instead of grabbing a handful of peanuts from a can, you have to shell pistachios one at a time.  And that helps cause some of us to eat less.


5. Allen Edmonds Olive Leather Neumok – $250.00

Gets pretty green in some light.

Full marks to Allen Edmonds for being a rare brand that somehow stays true to their roots while still reaching a bit and trying new things.  Thanks to them for providing a pair of Neumoks to give away.  Congrats again to Daniel K. who won our random drawing.  He went with the blue pair.


6. J. Z. Richards Silk Pocket Square – $39.50

There’s a little genius here.

It’s four… four… FOUR pocket squares in one!  Ah… ah… ah… ah… ahhh.  So anyway, the patterns might not be for everyone, but credit to the designers for the idea.  Points for the trim too.


7. The Ten Dollar Bill

The 10, is in fact perfect.

More than a few of us have a personal rule about always carrying at least $20 in cash.  Wouldn’t it be nice if ATMs gave you the choice of two $10s instead of always one $20?  Why the disrespect for Alexander Hamilton?  Sure he was never a President, but neither was Ben Franklin who owns the much glorified $100.


8. Duluth Pack Medium Sportsman’s Duffel – $240.00

Made in MN.

Made in the USA, 18-oz canvas, leather trim, and guaranteed for life.  2541 cubic inches of space means it’s got plenty of room for a weekend trip but it’s not some monstrosity either.  While not green, the Bison Leather option is something else.


9. Green Chartreuse – $49.99

110 proof. Jameson is 80.

A haymaker to the taste buds.  And to the liver as well (it’s 55% ABV.)  Not a lot of subtly when it comes to the overall flavor.  Used in the Harrington cocktail as well as some gin based cocktails.  French.  Thick.  Photo credit: star5112


10. Christina Hendricks’ 2008 Emmy Awards Dress

Easily the best moment for green this side of the earth’s first act of photosynthesis.