Piperlime Extra 20% off Men’s Shoes & Accessories

From Ray-Bans to Allen Edmonds.  Free Shipping both ways.

Piperlime: Take 20% off Men’s Shoes & Accessories w/ SPRING

Code even applies to items already on sale.  Expires 3/9/12
UPDATE:  Looks like sunglasses are excluded, as are watches.  But apparel is up for the code now too?

Piperlime is GAP Inc’s shoe store.  Or it was their shoe store.  They’ve since expanded into other stuff like accessories and even some non-GAP inc. apparel.  Piperlime is like an ultra-mini Zappos, only they’re not affiliated with Zappos, and they’re certainly not owned by Amazon.

They do offer free shipping both ways, no minimum, and this 20% off men’s shoes and accessories code is even good on sale items.  That’s a major plus.  Is it enough to sway the selection committee to put them in for this year’s Store Wars?  (Which starts Monday by the way.)  No chance.  But the code is certainly worth a look:

Sperry Authentic Original 2-Eye Wool – $57.59 ($125)

Already on sale.

Proof that black and brown can most certainly go together.  Sometimes.  The brown leather rawhide laces work nicely with the bit of wool there at the top.  Contrast sole looks terrific.


Allen Edmonds Kiowa or Allen Edmonds Black Hills – $149.59 ($249)

Odd, but in a good way.

Both are toughened up versions of pretty standard lace ups.  The Kiowa has more of a distressed finish, and the Black Hills has a plain upper.  Both are equipped with lug rubber soles, so they’re a bit of a specialty shoe for sure.  Now under $150, sizes are starting to get scattered.


Cole Haan Air Colton Chelsea – $135.60 ($228)

CHeap CH CHelseas.

Paying full price for Cole Haan isn’t regarded as the best idea.  And these are a bit of a wild card, since they’re not a plain Chelsea but have that that perforated cap toe.  Some will love them, some will hate them, and reviews around the web seem to reflect that possibility for polarization.


Tretorn Nylite Canvas – $52.00 ($65)

Hop in these. Hop on the bike. Hop down to the bar with the patio.

For those of us that love a pair of white sneakers in summer, these drop down to Jack Purcell range after the code.  And thanks to Piperlime, you can skip any shipping J. Crew would charge for their versions.


Rush by Gordon Rush Balboa – $76.79 ($160)

Adrian? Yo?

Gordon Rush shoes can be sleek, awfully good looking, and… leave a little to be desired when it comes to quality.  Already on sale and under $100, the extra 20% off drops these down to the “expectations won’t be real high” level.  Might be worth the free shipping / free returns scenario for those looking for a darker brown suede chukka. Cheaper through Amazonbut sizes are scattered over there.


Bass Linwood Weejun 75th Anniversary in Wine – $47.98 ($119)

Was $120

What’s wrong with the wine color?  So the leather might not be top notch and the construction isn’t like weejuns of old, but for under $50… Plenty of sizes available.


The Ray-Ban Lineup:  $100 – $120

Cheap? No. But some swear by em'

UPDATE:  Guess what.  Sunglasses are “excluded” from this sale.  Awesome.  Brooks Brothers has put their Ray Ban selection up for sale codes in the past, but it looks like Piperlime isn’t following suit.  Apologies for that.  Credit to Andy and Eric in the comments for noticing the exclusion.

Here’s the thing.  Buying Sunglasses over the internet can get real sketchy real fast, and finding a reputable source that’s got Ray-Bans on sale can be tough.  That, and if they look wonky on your face upon arrival, you don’t want to be stuck with shipping charges.  Piperlime ships and returns free, so with these on sale, it’s worth a look.  Know that the Cockpit is a bit of an ultra light, yet they’ve held up just fine after a few months of wear on this end.  Shown here next to the 55mm New Wayfarer for size comparison.  What size is the Piperlime Wayfarer?  Not sure.  They don’t say.  Do know that you can still seem to be able to get the 55mm (average male face) New Wayfarer direct through Amazon for less than $80 (these options.)  Clockwise from top left up above:

The 20% off men’s accessories & shoes code SPRING expires on Friday 3/9/2012.