Most Wanted Affordable Style – March 2012

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Top 5 Most Wanted – March 2012

Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Click here for the top 5 most wanted lists from previous months.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w

5.  Wood & Faulk Northwesterner – $249.00

Steel frame. Don't see that much anymore.

That’s something.  Made in the USA by the small Portland Oregon outfit Wood & Faulk.  Charcoal grey waxed canvas with honey colored leather.  Add in the steel frame and even the staunchest “what’s with all the girly looking weekend duffel” critics have to pay some respect.  Or, maybe not.  Perhaps it’s better if those types don’t appreciate this thing, since Wood & Faulk isn’t a mass producer by any stretch, and that means there’d be more of these to go around for the rest of us.  1764 cubic inches, so not the biggest thing ever, but unreal looking for the price.


4. Gran Classico Liquor Bitter Liquer – $34.99

Different. In all kinds of good ways.

In many ways, a superior alternative to Campari.  Less bitter, less syrupy, nowhere near as nuclear in color, and a little sweeter with stronger spicy characteristics.  Like Campari, it’s lower in alcohol but it still has some bite at 28% ABV.  So if you’re a quick drinker, this might be able to help you pace yourself.  It’s a lighter amber color, so it looks less fruity than Campari as well.  If making a Negroni, try a more floral gin like Martin Miller’s.  Or, stir up a Manhattan-like-drink with Gran Classico as the anchor.  Add a dash or two of orange bitters.


3.  Brooks Brothers Washed Canvas Card Case – $28.00

Casual cotton suit worthy for sure.

Part of the BB spring collection of accessories, and one of the only options that’s affordable.  Real nice distressed leather, subdued spring through summer colors, and again, the price is actually okay.


2.  BOSS Black Round Date Subdial – $235.00 | BOSS Black Grey Dial Chrono – $295

C'mon SALE.

Splurges.  Yes.  Quartz.  That too.  But BOSS knows how to make a great looking watch.  Or at least put their name on a good looking watch.  Manufactured by the Movado Group, these won’t be of Movado quality but should (or better) be a step above their Hilfiger watches.  The lighter tan on black is a new model, while the grey dial chrono on the darker brown strap is a color combination that just doesn’t happen nearly enough.  If either of these somehow trickled into the sale section at say, 33% off, then that’d help.  Quite a bit.


1.  GAP Ticket Pocket Tailored Cotton Blazer – $81.00 w/ GAPSPRING ($108)

Size shown left: 38R, but many might need to size up.

These are finally starting to show up in store.  The 25% off code GAPSPRING is good only through today, and drops it to the excellent price of $81 (and it ships free.)  It’s a “tailored fit” so it comes pre-contoured, but if you’re in-between jacket sizes you might have to size up and take it to the tailor.  Length is normal, arms might be a touch long.  Close up of the fabric shows that it’s not glass smooth, which was a concern before seeing in person.  GAP has made some cotton blazers in the past with a weave so compact that the cotton fabric almost looked like poly.  This is a nice mix of dressed up and down.  It’s smoother than a rumpled chino, but it’s still cotton.  Pockets do NOT have flaps, so the ticket pocket is real subtle.  Center vent, nice button stance & lapel width.  Non functional sleeve buttons but there’s accent stitching around them.


BONUS SPLURGE:  Allen Edmonds Neumok Suede – $250.00

Incredibly soft suede.

Yep.  A splurge for sure.  But they’re outstanding, especially the suede option shown here.  More on these tomorrow plus how you can get your hands on them yourself.  Yes, that’s a blatant tease…