Lands’ End Canvas vs. Brooks Brothers – Store Wars Rd. 1

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STORE WARS: Lands’ End Canvas vs. Brooks Brothers

Starting March 13th and running through April 2nd, is hosting a bracket based tournament with the purpose of eventually crowning the all around Affordable Men’s Style Retail Champ for 2012.  For a full introduction see this post.  The bracket on the right will be updated as the tournament progresses.  Click on it for the full size.  Make a case for your preferred competitor in the comments section, but don’t forget to vote at the bottom of each match up.  On with today’s showdown:

StrengthsLast year’s champion.  Nice, upgraded casual basics for good prices, and those prices can get dirt cheap when on sale/clearance.  From blazers to shirts, shoes to pants, you could put together an entire outfit of just them.  Handwritten thank you notes to first time customers, which has played a part in developing what appears to be a solidly loyal customer base.  Despite some complaints, the ultra-cheap, Alden-Indy inspired Crosby Moc Toe (now just $60.)  Their waxed cotton trip bagTheir guarantee.  Not only is one of their models an SI Swimsuit model, their swimsuits have appeared in the issue as well.

Weaknesses:  They seem to have lost a bit of their way, or perhaps they have some new strategy that reduces the number of items they produce and raises overall prices ($100 for a cardigan?  $100 for… cargo pants?)  Blazers can fit a little big sometimes, and this season’s blazers look to be running real short in the tail.  Overall the brand is more fitted, certainly more so than Lands’ End, but not a true trim fit most of the time.  Used to run sales and codes often.  Now it’s more like a free-shipping-at-$50 code every once in awhile.

Strengths:  The original outfitter of well dressed American Men.  Founded in 1818 and has rolled with the punches since.  Understands that they can’t disrespect their more tradition minded customers, but they’re not afraid to do something bold and current every so often.  Their Regent and Milano slim fit blazers and suits.  Trim and Extra Trim fit Oxford Cloth Button Downs.  They still have some of their stuff made in the USA.  Decent sales from time to time.  Football leather briefcases.

Weaknesses:  The prices.  Some would argue that their quality is a step or two above, but… the prices.  Despite the heritage and patriotism, it’s a little odd to see “made in China” on much of their inventory.  Fits have slimmed down, but they’re still pretty generous.  Yes, their Black Fleece line is sort of akin to a garage full of concept cars in the automotive world, but seriously.  WhatTheHell.  Social media interaction involves the usage of “sir” and “gentlemen” to the point where you wonder if their Facebook/Twitter staff all wear monocles.

Your votes determine who goes on to the next round.  Cast your ballot below.  Voting ends at midnight ET.
UPDATE:  Tradition takes one on the chin.  But much respect to BB.  Guessing they’ll still be around in 2118.

Store Wars: Lands' End Canvas vs. Brooks Brothers

  • Lands' End Canvas (74%, 916 Votes)
  • Brooks Brothers (27%, 331 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,234

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