DSW Late March Tiered Sale

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$10 off $59,$20 off $99, and $35 off $149 with NEW2SPRING

Codes Expires 3/31/12.  Don’t forget the free shipping code SHIPR for orders over $35.

DSW’s “rewards” program might be the best of it’s kind on the web.  All it is is an email list.  No credit card, no card of any type, minimally invasive, and the rewards are pretty decent.  Free shipping all the time with SHIPR as long as you’ve purchased $35 or more (which is plenty easy to do.)  And then every so often, one of these tiered sales comes along.  Three different spending thresholds, and the code NEW2SPRING is certainly stackable with the SHIPR free shipping code.  Picks from new arrivals as well as some familiar favorites are as follows:

Mercanti Fiorentini Cognac Wingtip – $114.95 ($149.95)

High hopes for these.

Further proof that the DSW rewards program is one of the nicest out there.  A lot of brands would artificially drop the price on their goods, just so it would fall under the highest threshold.  Not these.  The code seems to have been perfectly fitted for their brands pricing.  The full $35 off.  Appears to have the same good but not bullet-proof construction of other Mercantis.  True oxford lacing.  Made in Italy.


Kenneth Cole Take Your Time Penny – $89.95 ($109.95)

Sleek with a rounded toe.

Blocky these ain’t.  Give KCNY credit.  There’s a lot of dislike for the brand out there, but sometimes they get it right.  This time, it’s the overall shape of this penny loafer.  Sockless (or with no-show socks) with a light grey summer suit should be just enough unexpected sharp contrast to give you more of an all business look.  Jeans too.  There does appear to be a bit of upturn in the toe, but it’s not wildly severe.


Florsheim Vincent Wingtip – $79.94 ($139.95)

Sizes are understandably going fast.

Whoa.  Talk about a price drop.  Sizes are limited but there’s some common ones left.  These were $115 not that long ago, and they look an awful lot like the Veblen.


Mercanti Fiorentini Black Cap Toe Oxford – $114.95 ($149.95)

DSW's bad MF (That's Mercanti Fiorentini thank you.)

Just like the wingtip up top, these fit the price threshold perfectly.  A true oxford with a nice modern touch with the lines around the laces.  Also made in Italy.  Now if they only made one in brown.


Converse Jack Purcell in Grey + No Show Socks Combo = $54.90

Get the socks. You'll pay more if you don't.

Grey Jack Purcells go with just about everything, and they’re perfect in the summer if you’re not keen on boat shoes.  But the $54.95 price isn’t enough to get a discount.  Drat, right?  Curses.  But wait a minute… converse makes a three-pack of no-show socks that cost $9.95.  So, if you simply get a pack of those, you get the socks for free and save five cents.  A WHOLE NICKEL.  There’s plenty of color options for the socks.  Just jump over to the socks section and you’ll find all the colors to choose from.  JPs also available in white or navy.


Mercanti Fiorentini Double Monk + $9.95 Socks = $114.95 ($139.95)

They say this color is cognac? Black also available.

Again, the socks.  The shoes are regularly $139.95, so unless you get a set/pair of $10 socks, you’ll actually pay $5 more.  So get thee some socks for Pete’s sake.  For the record, the pair I got back in October are doing quite well.


Varvatos Hipster Chukka – $89.95 ($109.95)


Who you callin’ a hipster?  They say these “compare” to $180, and they do in fact go for that over at Bloomingdale’s.  Varvatos is a big name to some.  They look a little sleeker than a standard Clarks, but a desert-looking-boot all the same.


Gucci Suede Moc – $214.95 ($495)

And there they are.

All right all you bit-loafer defenders.  Gucci is the standard here, and while $215 is no small fee to pay for a pair of suede loafers, they are the real deal.  Relatively inexpensive.  Relatively.

The $10 off $59, $20 off $99, $35 off $149 code NEW2SPRING exp. 3/31, and you have to join their email list to use it.