Dappered Classics: The Favorite Beer Party

Want a cheap party idea?  Show, tell, and drink.

The Suggestion:  Throw a Favorite Beer Party

Originally published 10/22/2010.

Sometimes all you need is a reason to get together.  And this is a plenty good reason, which also happens to be plenty affordable.  Much more affordable than heading out for a bar crawl or a nice dinner.

Invite 15 – 20 friends over to your house on a Saturday night and tell them that you’re throwing a Favorite Beer Party.  Their assignment is to bring a six pack of their all time favorite beer, and to be prepared to explain these three things:

1. Why they like it so much
2. Where and when they first had it
3. If they associate any specific memories with it

Once everyone is there with glass in hand and some good music is going, put the names of all of your guests in a hat.  Draw a name, and that person then gets to tell you the story behind their favorite beer.

Then it’s time to taste.  And just a few ounces.  It’ll add up quick as the night goes on.

Leave plenty of space in between each name draw / beer pour for tasting, conversing, and all that usual stuff which tends to happen at house parties.  You’ll find a rhythm.

Sound cheesy?  A little bit.  But it’s a blast.  You’ll hear some incredible stories, drink some beers that’ll become your new favorites, and you’ll probably try some beers you’ll never want to ever have again.

Extra pointers:

  • Make sure you have enough glasses.  Not plastic, not paper cups, glasses.
  • Also have some masking tape and a marker on hand to label those glasses if need be.
  • No snobbery.  If someone’s favorite beer is PBR?  Or Michelob Ultra?  Good for them.
  • Be honest.  Don’t pick something obscure to impress.  Your stories won’t be as good.
  • Get a 3 – 4 gallon beer bucket and a few bags of ice.  You’ll run out of room in the fridge.
  • Points for growlers.  Big time.
  • Food helps.  A lot.  Have those who are so inclined bring some kind of appetizer.
  • Designated drivers and/or cab company phone numbers are a good idea.  The point is to taste beer, not get drunk, but things could get tipsy for the lightweights

Top Photo Credit: Patrick Barry