Are headbands hands off for the guy with long hair?

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Ask A Woman:  What can a guy use to keep his long hair out of his eyes?

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Hi Beth

I am fairly new to having long hair.  I was wondering if you have any opinions about men wearing headbands or hairbands to keep their hair under control.  I am not talking about anything with a logo on it or anything patterned, just a plain solid colored headband with some functionality.  Any ideas about this?  I would send you a pic if you are interested.

– Elliot


Hi Elliot,

Brad PittKeanu ReevesColin FarrellTaylor Kitsch!  That one guy who starred in that one movie which no one saw but all women everywhere have seen this red carpet picture and we all swooned!  In case you’re wondering, the category was Too Hot to Handle, and the question was who are some hottie totties who’ve successfully pulled off long hair.

The next category is Things that are Obvious Given the Previous Paragraph.  I love long hair on a man.  Remember that post on scene kids, where I talked about how women are sometimes attracted to outsiders or bad boys because they’re just different than the guy in jeans and a polo?  When I want a dose of bad boy, I don’t go out for scene kids; dudes with long hair ring my bell.  Long hair and leather.  Long hair and leather and scowls.  Long hair and leather and scowls on faces that look sort of rearranged by too many fights ring my bell.  You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this information.  If it’s any consolation…so am I.

To be honest, Elliot, I don’t like the look of a headband on a man.  Despite my promise to be more open about those who cross the gender style divide (a promise I was/am serious about) a headband on a man is still too delicate and feminine for my taste.  Even this photo of David Beckham wearing a plain black skinny headband just looks weird to me.  And this shot of Ashton Kutcher wearing a scarf headband is…well, self-explanatory to say the least.  If you’re playing basketball or working in the yard, that’s different.  But on a day-to-day basis, as a style or maintenance choice, I say nay.  I much prefer the look of a ponytail to a headband.

From Left:  Yes.  Yes.  That’ll damage your hair.  Nope.  You’re a cheap one aren’t you?  NO.  Darling, but not on you.

And actually, in many cases I prefer that long hair be in a ponytail rather than worn loose.  If you’re going to wear your hair tied back, choose simple black, brown or clear hairbands, preferably ones that advertise “no damage” or “no breakage.”  When you put your hair in a ponytail day after day, the hair begins to break at the point of the hairband, so it’s important to do what you can to cut back on that.

Need some ponytail inspiration?  In Legends of the Fall, Brad Pitt wears his in a messy ponytail for a casually sexy look, then again here more neatly.  Good gravy.  Jason Momoa wears his dreads tied back.  Holy Hannah.  Johnny Depp is king of the tied back hair.  Get me a cold compress.  Taylor Kitsch might be wearing his hair in a ponytail here, he might not, all I know is that he looks like a gift especially wrapped for me so WHO THE HELL CARES?

Have I embarrassed myself enough here? Super, glad to do what I can.


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…And of course, one befit of long hair would be it might distract from the gash on your face after you get clocked by a bird while riding a roller coaster.  Or it might not: