And the next well liked brand to open an online store is…

A reasonably big name finally dips into the web.



Club Monaco apparently.  But, much of the continent might very well be asking: “The hell is Club Monaco?”  Here’s the short answer:

High(est?) end of “affordable” sharp casual brand w/ some dressed up options that started in Canada, trickled down to us in the States, prefers basics over flash, and slim cuts over traditional.  Owned by Ralph Lauren since 1999 but the Polo folks seem to keep their noses out of Club Monaco business.  Sorta an Amazon/Zappos relationship.

Two Key Dates:  If you like them on Facebook, you’ll get web-store access starting Fri. 3/23 .  General opening is 3/26.

Thoughts from those familiar with Club Monaco?  Questions from those that aren’t?  It all goes in the comments below.
Top pic via the Club Monaco facebook page.  Which again, if you “like” you’ll get first access to their online store.