What would you pay? Victorinox’s Fabric Strap Watch

The Victorinox NATO strap falls to double digits.
Victorinox Active Original Fabric Strap Watch – $77.17 w/ FEBFAMILY ($295)

Many thanks to reader Nick as well as others for noticing that the code FEBFAMILY will take an additional 25% off the CLADMEN.com final sale prices.  Also, word is if you order after Feb. 15th, you will NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN THE ITEMS.  Should be interesting to see what pops up on their site that day.

So it looks like CLAD is slowly inserting more of their stock into their final sale event.  One of the newer brands to show up is Victorinox, and while all the movements are Quartz, you can still get their Maverick GS and Infantry Vintage among others for unheard of prices.

The Active Original is a newer model from Victorinox, and it falls squarely in that fabric/canvas strap field style watch that Timex and J. Crew have made a killing on, but these have less of a retro feel.

They’re absurdly light, and while the description says they’re stainless steel with an aluminum bezel, the outer case that holds the lugs is a “nylon fiber.”  Translation:  Feels like plastic.

That.  Right there.  That’s the “nylon fiber” part.

Not a bad different take on the whole field watch thing.

About 40 mm in diameter and the crystal is mineral.  Available, for now, in all of those colors at the top of the page through CLAD.  The retail price of almost $300, which Nordstrom is selling these at, seems more than a bit steep.  But now that it’s part of the CLAD blowout, it’s in the non-J. Crew Timex Range.

But what would you pay?  Is this another example of CLAD’s ridiculously low prices as they clear the decks?  Or would you rather a Timex with more traditional styling and materials?  Cast your vote below.

What would you pay? Victorinox's Active Original

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