The New J. Crew FACTORY Cotton Suits

This could be good.  Like $140 summer suit good.
J. Crew FACTORY Thompson Corded Cotton Sportcoat – $82.60 ($118) & Pant – $54.60 ($78)

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Together that adds up to $196.  Now imagine for a second one of those 30% off sale items codes rolls around.  UPDATE:  Nice timing.  The code SHOPNOW drops it down to 30%.  Many thanks to all those who noticed in the comments.  Those always seem to apply to Factory items as well.  That would put this suit at $137.20.


For those of us who have a strong appreciation for summer suiting, this jump into that world by J. Crew’s cheaper Factory line would be a big deal.  These carry the same “Thompson” moniker as their wool blend suit separates.  The fit, decent quality, and minimal shoulder pads on those make them the best suiting option for under $200.

If that same silhouette and detailing carries over into these new cotton options, then there’s serious potential here.

They are showing a navy cotton suit jacket, but no pant that says it’s an exact match.  Closest seems to be the Bedford Dress Chino?  But the navy on the pants sure looks different than the navy on the jacket (not that online photos count for much anyway…)

It might only be February, but these are certainly worth keeping an eye on.  That big Kentucky Derby party you go to every year will be here before you know it.  Stand by for an in person review on the top pair.  They’re on the way.

The Factory Thompson Cotton Jacket in Navy.  But where are the pants?