Super Bowl Style – If the participants were clothes

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Beer bottles have faced each other in the big game before.  So finding style world alter-egos for the individuals participating in XLVI ain’t all that far fetched.

Players, coaches, and even part of the half time act have been cast in a sartorial light.  Will this help you figure out just who’s going to win this thing?  Maybe.  Okay, probably not.  But at least this way, if you don’t have a dog in this fight, you can root for your favorite shirt.  Or against a horrid accessory.  Let’s kick it off with the Golden Boy…

Tom Brady:  Double Monk Straps – Antonio Maurizi Vincenzo Double Monk – $299.95

But does he own a pair?

Came out of seemingly nowhere a few years back and has been dominating ever since.  Maybe beginning to wind down.  Hugely popular yet absolutely hated by some.  Expensive.  Difficult to find affordable versions of.  (The cheaper version, of course, is the DSW house brand Mercantile FiorentiniPhoto Credit: Keith Allison


Eli Manning: Levi’s Original 501 – $52.99

Not as complicated, but that’s a strength.

The more expensive relative might get all the attention, but the quieter, cheaper option is a true foundation that quietly does what needs to be done and often excels at it.  Tougher than most.    Photo Credit: AJ Guel


The Giants “NASCAR” Front 4:  Navy Suit, Grey Suit, Charcoal Suit, Plaid/Check Suit

Osi, Tuck, JPP, & Mathias

Straight up mean looking.  Can dominate when execution is perfect.  Hard to ignore.  Suits from left:  Indochino Essential Navy, Banana Republic Tailored Fit, J.Crew Factory Thompson, Suit Supply Napoli 1/2.


The Patriots Defense: Tighty Whiteys – Fruit of the Loom 3 Pack – $8.06

Good enough to get this far.

Just kinda there.  Doesn’t cover much.  Also doesn’t get credit for getting the job done.  Photo Credit: deege


Ahmad Bradshaw & Brandon Jacobs: Tie Bar – $15.00 & Pocket Square – $30.00

Smaller, and much bigger.

Can make a huge impact.  Can also be a massive let down.  (Tie bar is from  Pocket Square is from FifthandBrannan.comPhoto Credit tedkerwin & Alexa


BenJarvus Green-Ellis:  Driving Gloves – All Gloves Brown Drivers – $84.00

No butterfingers here.

Exotic sounding.  Ridiculous grip.  No.  Seriously.  Holds on and won’t let goPhoto Credit: Jeffrey Beal


Wes Welker: White Oxford Cloth Button Down – Lands’ End Canvas – $50.00

Ol’ reliable

A favorite weapon.  Excels on the interior with other options surrounding.  Not real flashy.  Can take a solid beating.  White.  (The L.E.C. one is full price.  This or this option from Brooks Brothers are both a little funky, but cheaper and could be layered.Photo Credit: Brian J. McDermott


Victor Cruz:  Linen Suit – J. Crew Irish Linen Ludlow – $426.00

Impressive moves. Impressive suit.

At first, not high on the priority list for many.  But as soon as you experience it, you’re awfully glad to have it in your arsenal.  Excels when it comes to salsa dancing.  (Want a MUCH cheaper all cotton summer suit?  The L.L. Bean Signature New Traditional Twill is down to $125 total.  Review here.  Credit Alex K. for the tip.Victor Cruz Photo Credit


Rob Gronkowski:  Saddleback Leather Briefcase – $411.00

Gronk doesn’t come with a 100yr warranty.

Not the most subtle thing in the world.  Can take a beating.  Viewed as unstoppable.  Can play a major role but can be replaced by something sleeker to mix it up.  Photo Credit: jdn


Vince Wilfork:  Saddleback Leather Duffel Bag – $744.00

Bit of a load.

Yup.  Photo Credit: Keith Allison


Chad Ochocinco: The Trucker Hat

15 catches this year. Total.

Loud.  Was everywhere.  Has since completely fallen off the face of the earth.  Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beal


Madonna:  Shutter Shades – $7.02

Halftime show = Bathroom break.

80s icon that… why the hell are we revisiting the 80s again?  Photo Credit: iShot71


Tom Coughlin:  A vintage pocket watch that runs five minutes fast

On time means you’re late buster.

Old school.  A younger contemporary would struggle to seem natural.  Sometimes appears a little out of touch with the nuances of today, and continues to risk being thrown to the trash heap, but continues to survive and excel.


Bill Belichick:  A hooded sweatshirt – Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie – $12.70

Ready for battle.

What.  Were you expecting a Tom Ford dinner jacket?  Belichick Photo Credit

Agreements, disagreements, additions, and predictions can all go in the comments below.  Top Photo Credit: hyku