Ralph Lauren Extra 20% off Winter Sale

Winter ain't young, and Ralph is tired of this stuff.

No code neccessary.  No word on when this expires either.  The adjusted prices show up in your cart.  Free shipping no minimum seems to happen with the code EC46048.  Credit “Guest” (thanks Guest!) in the comments…

The hell is a February?  We’re a solid chunk through winter already, which means spring lines (yes, spring…) will be showing up in stores soon.  That means retailers like Ralph Lauren are looking to get rid of the stuff they’ve had on hand since Kyle Orton was still quarterbacking the Broncos.

No code is necessary for the extra 20% off here.  It is a select items sale though, so know that not everything gets that extra bonus treatment.  Picked items had at least a solid selection of sizes at post time.

Lambswool Chalk-Stripe Italian Made Scarf – $31.20 ($55)

Lambswool with time left to wear it.

It seemed reasonable at $55, and now it’s on sale with an extra 20% off.  Sure it’s February.  But if you’re in the market, it’s tough to pass up.  Something awfully similar is available over at Nordstrom for less.  Free shipping through Nordstrom too.


Denim & Supply Ragg V-Neck – $31.99 ($85)

Thicker. Apparently pirate worthy.

Is this a sign that Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply line just isn’t working out?  One theory about why this one is on such a drastic sale:  You can’t see what it looks like thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow draping his arms, hair, and other accoutrements all over it.


Cotton Shawl Collar Pull Over – $47.99 ($115)

Wearable clear into spring, and then maybe cool summer nights.

Started out at $115.  Ouch.  Now down to under $50.  Not GAP sale prices or anything, but sometimes an extra detail like that stripe (or the bright red color) makes something stand out.  In a good way.


Black Label Satin Spots Tie & Barathea Dots Tie – $63.99 ($115)

Ties for tie guys.

Make no mistake.  Paying sixty bucks for a tie is a ton of cash.  But some guys out there appreciate well made ties more than others.  From the Ralph Lauren Black Label line.  Each is 3″ wide with a black background and white dots.  Both are made in Italy with some fancy pants details.


Nappa Lined Belted Gloves – $47.99 ($78)

The glove. Smell it.

No quilted tops on these, but the leather strap and brass tone strap at the wrist helps separate them from the crowds of isotoners.  The lighter “luggage” color is going fast.  Plenty of time left to use these, especially if you subscribe to that whole gloves + scarf instead of a light jacket thing.


Custom Fit Long Sleeve Cotton Polo – $39.99 ($89.50)

Lean towards earthtones.

Even with the extra 20% off they’re a bit pricey at $40, but there’s so many color options and there’s also plenty of decent sizes left.  That, and it’s their much trimmer “custom” fit.  If you’re in good shape, always look for that.  Otherwise, you risk swimming in just about anything that’s a regular fit from a Ralph Lauren line.


Richmond Quilted Vest – $87.99 ($225)

Not too life preserverish

The key to vests: keep them slim.  And don’t use it as a fashion piece (here’s looking at you big belt buckle.)  Just wear it as an alternative to a light jacket.  That means when you walk inside, and unless it’s unusually cold wherever you’re at, take it off.  The corduroy and suede accents on these help the look out quite a bit.


Canvas Duffle – $31.99 ($125) | Buffalo Plaid Duffle – $47.99 ($145)

And now even cheaper.

Cheap.  Damn cheap.  Again, from the “Denim & Supply” line which is seeing lots of deep mark downs.  Both claim to be around 1600 cubic inches.  So not massive by any stretch.


Shetland Button Mockneck – $79.99 ($185)

Carlton Banks called. He wants his shirt & tie back.

Wooden buttons, shetland and angora fabric, and a suede lined placket make this thing light-years ahead of some old cotton quarter zip.  90% merino.

No word when RL is going to yank the extra 20% off deal.  No code is necessary.  Prices show up in your cart.