One Store One Outfit – Target

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Credit Jason B. and Ben H. with the style tips on the cotton sport coat seen above.

The common joke is to call it Tar-ZHAY.  Sounds more upscale.  But in all seriousness, if you’ve got limited places to shop, you’re on a limited budget, or both, Target can be a surprisingly decent place to find solid stuff.

Long, long ago, our pal Barron from The Effortless Gent did a guest piece on the three essentials every man must own that he can find at Target.  But it’s been awhile, and rumor had it Target has just started stocking a new cotton sport coat.  A field trip was scheduled, and these five pieces have since been field tested to see if they’re worth the cash it takes to acquire them:

The Blazer:  Merona “Kensington” Cotton Two Button Sport Coat – $44.99

Workin. At the cart wash. Yeah.

Old Navy used to be the source for decent, mega cheap, cotton sport coats.  That’s not the case for now.  This one from Target is just as good if not better than what Old Navy has been producing these last few years.

  • Available in Navy or Khaki
  • Completely unstructured, but not super thin like an INC ultra light
  • Medium weight chino fabric isn’t too wimpy or too thick
  • Off the rack fit is surprisingly good.  Some could get away without tailoring.  A medium fit my frame just fine
  • Lower pockets are a patch with flaps hybrid
  • Center Vent
  • Sleeves run normal.  Buttons aren’t functional, but there’s a flap there that might cause tailoring issues.

Is it worth the cost?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Not available online, so check in store.


The Shirt: Merona Ultimate Dress shirt in “Railroad Grey” – $22.99

Collar is good and substantial too.

Can’t sing the praises of these enough.  Found this one on clearance for around $17, but at full price they’re still a bargain.  There’s some poly in some of these, but they aren’t wispy and scratchy like some department store dress shirts.  Fit is good and there’s even side pleats on the back.  Looks a bit like a cleaned up grey chambray.  If a sharp white dress shirt seems too formal or too business like?  Go grey.

Is it worth the cost?  Yes.  They also come in white, blue chambray, and some patterns too.


The Jeans: Denizen by Levi’s 218 Straight Fit – $29.99

Lap shots make me feel cheap.

A lower brand from Levi’s.  Fit is somewhere between a 501 and the slimmer 514.  The wash was a real nice, super dark blue, but the tonal whiskering at the ol’ pelvic area isn’t the most desirable thing.  Stitching on the back pockets is a welcome generic two parallel lines running horizontally.  They don’t feel like quality denim, but they’re not going to be at this price.  Looks are decent enough though.  Not available online in this wash.

Is it worth the cost?  No.  Just save up another $15 and catch a Levi’s sale.


The Shoes: Merona “Trey” Suede Chukka Boots – $39.99

Not half bad looking.

I’ve been lucky.  Every time I see someone leave a comment or write an online review about a cheap pair of shoes that goes something like this: “These blew apart on me in three days!  The sole came unglued when I was crossing the street while being chased by wolves and when a Chevy Astro clipped my exposed heel one of the wolves tore off my BIG TOE AND IT’S ALL THE SHOE COMPANY’S FAULT WHARRGARBL!!!!”  I honestly can’t relate.  Cheap shoes have been good to me.  But these, while decent enough looking and feeling in the uppers, they’re just a little too risky when it comes to the construction that I wouldn’t doubt that wolf/traffic scenario as a real possibility.  Maybe.

Is it worth the cost?  No.  Pass on these and get a pair of Clarks.  They’ll cost more, but they’ll last longer.


The Watch: Timex Weekender Nubuck Strap – $33.05

Can certainly be worn on more than just the weekend.

There’s a few more color combinations in this style now available at Target.  And while the slip thru strap weekender will probably sell far more, the case on these is more of  a matte.  Ticks kinda loud, and it’ll be too small for the bigger fellas, but overall it’s a great looking watch for just over $30.

Is it worth the cost?  Yes.  Without a doubt.

Are you a believer in Target?  What have you purchased there?  Any other suggestions?  Leave it all in the comments.