Mardi Gras Style Poll: Would you streak for these?

Better than beads.  Much, much better than beads.
Allen Edmonds Cordovan Strand – $550 | Allen Edmonds Cordovan Dalton – $675

Happy Mardi Gras.  Today is the day that each year, thousands of otherwise perfectly sane women will flash their lovely sets of chest palookas in exchange for… cheap, plastic beads.

Which happens to be the biggest one sided transaction since Peter Minuet bought Manhattan for $24.  Strangely enough, beads were also involved.

To honor this time honored transaction, here’s a hypothetical scenario:

  • Instead of flashing (which for men, is creepy) you’d have to streak (which is funny) in front of a crowd.
  • You’d get to wear a ski mask and running shoes.  That’s it.
  • The payoff isn’t plastic beads, but instead either the Allen Edmonds Strand or Allen Edmonds Dalton, both in the highly desirable, people lose their minds over this stuff, cordovan leather.

Here’s a perfect example of what would have to be done.  It’s tame, but maybe skip it if you’re at work…

And yes, streaking on camera counts as “in front of a crowd.”


Would you streak for the cordovan AEs?

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NOTE:  In no way is anyone actually proposing this as an actual transaction.  Purely hypothetical since it’s Mardi Gras, and it’s being presented only by this website and certainly not Allen Edmonds.  Now, if your answer was “no,” one has to ask: if this scenario isn’t worth it, then why does any woman flash for junky plastic beads on Mardi Gras?  Leave any and all thoughts below…