Macy’s One Day Sale Picks, February 7 – 8

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Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – February 7 – 8, 2011

As always, it’s incredibly tough to peg when Macy’s will launch a One Day Sale.  Sometimes a month and a half will go by between them, sometimes only a few weeks will pass.  One thing is certain: These are usually sales worth paying attention to.  The one-day sale prices are some of the best mark downs in the retail industry.  Here’s some of the best from the One-Day-Sale which runs Tues. February 7 – Wed. February 8.  Items marked with a * are “Web Busters.”  In store prices may or may not match up.  Selection on all items (especially shoes) in store can vary greatly.

Alfani RED Fitted White and Blue French Cuff Dress Shirts – $19.99* ($49.50)

The budget french cuff

All right all you cuff link aficionados.  Good news and bad news here.  The good news is that they’re cheap and they’re fitted.  The bad news is that Alfani RED uses some poly in their shirts.  It won’t feel as good or as soft as an all cotton, but again, it’s $20.


Alfani RED Three Piece Navy or Grey Suit Separates – $249.97* ($570)

Lapels: Navy - Notch, Grey - Peak

Looks like they’re blowing these three piece suits out online.  You can describe each of these suits with three words:  Inexpensive, accessible, and serviceable.  The armholes could be higher.  The fabric could feel a little better.  And while not as strong as the Hilfiger Slim Fit shoulders, the pads could be a little thinner, but when it comes to slim fit three piece suits, these are as affordable as they get.  Take them to your tailor and they’ll look sharp.  Each has an overall score of 5 stars on the Macy’s website.  Not everyone’s cup of tea.  But worth a mention.


Alfani RED Brown Weave and Grey Sharkskin Suit Separates – $199.98* ($495)

Like the 3-piece options, these are separates. Good for odd proportions.

Now a brown suit for under $200?  If you want to give brown a shot, but don’t want to invest a ton of money in one, then maybe this is worth a look.  The lighter grey is a great color, and again, while the armholes could be higher and the fit a little closer (even though they are trimmer than standard suits) the price is dirt cheap.


Perry Ellis Wool/Silk Ties – $17.99* ($55)

Little wool, little silk, little price.

Many of us like a little wool in our silk ties, but sometimes a wool or wool mix tie can get so dark and subtle that it’s almost ignorable.  The contrasting stripes on these prevent that.  Great price too.


Cole Haan Air Kilgore Plain Toe – $119.99 ($158)

Nike owned.

For the guys that not just embrace, but love plain, and need something comfortable.  Black.  Nothin’ fancy.  Equipped with Nike AIR in the heel.  Rockport price and squishyness without the clunk.  Ships free.


Calvin Klein Garrison Suede Chelsea – $79.96 w/ AVNEWYEAR2 through S.T.P. ($150)

STP has Macy's beat on this one.

No, not Stone Temple Pilots.  Sierra Trading Post.  Macy’s has these as a web buster for $135.  But Sierra Trading Post has them for $100, and, with the extra 20% off code AVNEWYEAR2, it drops them down to an afforable level.  Suede is going to be big this year.  Code expires 2/8.

Johnston & Murphy Runnell Suede Chukka – $77.99 via ($130)

3 colors at 6pm. All 5 at Macys.

Boy.  Macy’s isn’t having a good day when it comes to on-sale suede footwear.  The Zappos owned has the J&M Runnells for under $80.  Now, they only have three colors while Macy’s has five, but Macy’s has em’ for $110.  The sheepskin lining on these, and many other J&M shoes, is awfully nice.


Dockers Alpha Khaki – $44.99 ($68)

Big thighs guys need not apply.

Slimmer than a D1.  A favorite for some.  Four colors available through Macy’s at a real decent mark down.  Not your Dad’s perma-creased pleated front work trousers.  These are chinos that can do duty at work but not feel awkward on the weekend.


Dockers D1 Soft Front Slim Fit – $34.99 ($55)

Not a boring khaki.

And for those of us with some meat on our bones, yet still like a closer fit, the D1 soft front is a little more relaxed in fabric (read: thicker, no crease, some wrinkling here and there) and the fit can be great for some.  Points for the mustardy yellow/brown color “ghurka” seen above.


Timberland City Escape Moc – $60.99 ($110)

Later winter / Early Spring Slop ready.

Whoa!  $60?  Sure they’re ugly.  But ugly in a good way.  Right?  Sure some of you are shouting NO at your computer screen.  But… c’mon.  Some of us will dig em’.


Bulova Silver Dial – $99.00 ($225) & Bulova Multi Function – $99.00 ($225)

Bold could be solid additions.

This one has potential.  Maybe not with that too intricate bracelet looking stainless strap, but if you swap that out for a brown or black leather?  Could make a real clean dress watch for cheap.  The multi function has popped up at this price before during previous one day sales.  Both are quartz.


Citizen AT0810-12E Chrono – $165.00 ($275)

Solid for $165

Like the big honkin’ sport chronos?  But one’s that are more function than fashion?  43 mm means it’s a bit beastly, with a chunky bezel, a chronograph, and the Eco-Drive power train.  Now $165 through Amazon and for now sold DIRECT by Amazon.  That’s a big deal.  On sale at Macy’s for $208.50.  Above image via Amazon customer Isabel.

The current Macy’s One Day Sale ends Wednesday 2/8.