’s extra 25% off SALE part II

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Discount shows up towards the end of the checkout process.  Click here for what Cladmen is.

This is starting to feel more like a going-out-of-business fire sale than anything else.  Maybe that’s not the case at all, but you just don’t see these kinds of names, with this level of drastic reductions, with this variety of sizes still available.  It doesn’t happen.  So it makes you wonder if something is up.

UPDATE:  Something is most certainly up.  Credit Jessy for the find.

Over 400 items have been added to their sale section.  They also keep throwing the word “final” around in their graphics.  But there’s no mention that these items can’t be returned.  Their return policy doesn’t say anything about non returnable final sale items either.  But who knows.  They do ding you a total of $10 for return shipping & a restocking fee, but at least shipping is free when you buy it.  Picks now.  Questions later…

BOSS Black Wool Stripe Sport Coat – $148.43 ($495)

Sport coat addicts rejoice?

No chest pocket on this thing.  Interesting.  Also comes with “a split panel in the shoulders for mobility.”  That works too.  All wool, nice striped pattern, and looks like it’ll do just fine with trousers or jeans.  Sizes start at 40R, so, apologies to the fellows with the trimmer more slight builds.


Hush Puppies Burnished Chukka & Retrospect Lace Ups – $29.93 ($115)

To boot or not to boot. Your choice.

Under thirty….  All right then.  The Chukkas claim to have a hand stitched construction and a natural crepe outsole.  Hush Puppies aren’t Allen Edmonds by any stretch, but again… thirty bucks?


Bruno Magli Cap Toe Oxfords – $112.43 ($425)

Yes sirrrr.

To quote Friday… Damn.


Michael Kors Leather Racing Jacket – $237.68 ($795)

Lots of looks for the price.

Was pushing $800, now in the low two-hundreds.  Full grain leather, and nice work with those extra long zippers that have pulls at either end.  Real simple with the exception of those longer than normal zippers.


Bruno Magli Hiking Boots – $131.18 ($395)

Made in Italy of course.

There are two types of people in this world.  Those that won’t even consider a pair of boots unless they can survive weeks at a time tromping through the wilderness while supporting the legs of a human carrying a good amount of gear on his back… and then there are those who will salivate over these.  And actually get them dirty.


Joseph Abboud Wool Plaid Sport Coat – $148.43 ($495)


You’ll pay about $150 for an on sale cotton sport coat from Banana Republic.  This one is all wool, made in the USA, and comes with a half canvas chest piece.  The plaid is a grey base with some blue and brown thrown in.  Still time to wear it before the weather turns warmer, and one of those things you might look forward to pulling out of the closet each October for years to come.


John Varvatos Star USA Tonal Plaid Slim Fit Dress Shirt – $26.93 ($90)

Depth without getting freaky.

Nice, nice work on the pattern here.  Sizes are a bit limited, but there’s some average ones in there.  For now.


BOSS Black Wool Striped Suit – $312.68 ($795)

Means business, and you won't have to cash out your 401k.

That’s a hell of a price for fully canvassed.  Wool looks like flannel, but it’s not flannel, so you shouldn’t be burning up in it once the temps get back above freezing.  Flat front trousers, the lapels don’t look razor thin nor do they look too big… a classic stripe with modern details.


BOSS Black Gingham Dress Shirt – $25.43 ($95)

Plenty of sizes available for now.

Looks like the collar might be a little too spread to wear without a tie, but with a pair of wurkin’ stiffs you might be able to muscle those points to where the lines will frame your face.  Regardless… twenty five bucks.


7 For All Mankind Standard Mercer – $45.68 ($174)

A luxury wardrobe basic for a basic price.

Italian denim, made in the USA, a button fly, and a classic straight leg “standard” fit.  Sounds a hell of a lot like 501s for less than a pair of 501s.


John Varvatos Star USA Dress Chukka – $74.93 ($295)

Seventy five bucks.

So there’s a few logos on there, but at least they’re subtle.  Real, real nice medallion on the toe.  Credit Josh in the comments for finding these.

The Extra 25% off sale items expires 2/29/2012, but don’t expect sizes and selection to last that long…