CLAD Sale Part IV – The Point of No Return

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CLAD’S Really Final NO RETURNS ALLOWED Sale – Use FEBFAMILY for extra 25% off

As one of the greatest heroes in the history of cinema once said, “this is it… don’t get scared now.”  But maybe a bit of natural retail fear is a good thing.  Because from here on out, you can’t return a CLAD purchase made on or after today, 2/15/12.  The proof:

And there you have it.  Things just got real risky.  Shipping is still free and the code FEBFAMILY still takes 25% off your order.  Doesn’t look like they’ve added much to the sale section, but this is what has slipped through the cracks:

Tateossian Twisted Knot Cufflinks – $38.92  ($150)

Made in England. Nice detail.

Might be the answer for those of us who don’t like much shine to our cuff links, but need to dress it up w/more than silk knots from time to time.  Option shown is gunmetal.  There’s also silver and a gold options.


Wolverine No. 1883 Branson Gore-Tex Hiker – $52.43 ($205)

The right mix of form and function.

What the… Gore Tex and they look that good?  For this cheap?  That’ll work and then some.


D.S. Dundee Flannel Cargo Trousers – $50.93 ($195)

Would wear. Very much so.

The zero tolerance cargo pants guys still wouldn’t take a shot at these, but the side pockets are just slashes, the fabric looks incredible, and instead of belt loops they have those nifty side button tabs.  Maybe?


Gitman Bros Dotted Bowtie – $24.68 ($95)

If you're the type.

For those of us who don’t wear bowties, these are the bowties that make us wish we wore bowties.  Made in the USA, wool and silk, under $25 shipped.


Michael Bastian for RE Aviators – $59.18 ($225)

But how will they look on your face?

They do have the sweat bar, which is kinda goofy to some, and buying sunglasses over the internet is a bit of a risk even when you can return them.  Was $225, couple of big names on these, down to under $60.


CLAD Cashmere Crewneck and V-Neck Reverse Seam Sweaters – $51.68 ($198)

Lots of colors and sizes.

These appear to have just been added to the sale section.  “A CLAD exclusive.”  Okay.  Cashmere that was pushing $200, now down to just over $50.  Claims to have a modern fit.  Remember, you can’t return them.


Fratelli Rossetti Wingtip Brogues – $155.93 ($595)

Slightly good looking.

There’s some pretty common sizes left on these.  Not all the sizes, but some common ones.  Was almost $600.  Made in Italy.  Leather soles.


Peter Millar Black Merino Wool V-Neck – $37.43 ($145)

Low risk, high reward.

This looks to be one of the safest bets.  Under $40 shipped for a black merino wool v-neck, with a V that doesn’t dip too deep, and a fit that claims to be trim.  Doesn’t look the slimmest on the model, but… it’s a model.  All sizes available as of this morning except for XL.


SeaVees High Top Army Issue Sneaker – $30.68 ($118)

Low top would have been perfect.

Still there.  Still pretty great looking.


BOSS Black Wool Stripe Sport Coat – $129.68 ($495)

But what if the shoulders don't fit?

No chest pocket, a modern fit, and made from wool.  Has come down a little in price, even during this sell off madness period.  Sizes are scattered with a few common sizes left.


AND THE THING THAT WILL NOT SELL:  Scott James Argyle Cashmere Sweater – $77.18 ($295)

Thar's noo beh-er puddin' than tha JELL-OH puddin.

100% cashmere.  Don’t care.  This is what happens when a Cosby Sweater gets wasted on single malt and starts trying to sound like he’s from Glasgow.  If you’re game, then you’ve got more guts than me.

Don’t forget the extra 25% off code FEBFAMILY.  Remember, these are all final sale items so you can’t return or exchange them.  Does that mean you’re staying away?  Is it just too risky?  Leave it all below.  Sale ends 2/29