10 Valentine’s Day gifts for the well dressed guy

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From the Mailbag:  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Hi Joe:

I know that my boyfriend reads your website, and I was wondering if you had any ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for the Dappered-enthused man.  I’m sure others would be interested too.  Thanks.

– Christina

How ’bout some burgundy, shell cordovan, cap toe boots by Alden?  No?  What… you love him, but you don’t six hundred dollars love him?  Kidding.

Here’s the thing about most of us guys.  Even though there are some of us who like and/or appreciate various style related things, most of us don’t usually skip around town shouting about what those things are.  That falls into the category of shopping.  It’s just not something that’s naturally real manly to do.  So buying for us can be a pain.  10 suggestions follow, all of which shouldn’t cause Christina, or someone like Christina to go broke.

1. Tools to take care of his stuff:  B.B. Shoe Shine Valet – $128 | A.E. Shoe Bags – $10

This is not like him getting her a blender.

Guys like tools.  Even if they’re not always in the garage, grunting away Tim the Tool Man Taylor style.  If he loves to shine his shoes?  Consider some upgraded shoe shine supplies.  Like a horsehair brush, daubers, or go all the way with the slick shoe shine valet from Brooks Brothers (a less expensive alternative can be found here.)  If he’s got a favorite pair of shoes you’ve seen him wear time and time again (or, only on special occasions), consider the flannel shoe bags from Allen Edmonds.  He’ll think of you every time he gets out his favorite pair of oxfords.


2. A watch case:  Red Envelope Monogrammable Watch Case – $59.95

Black or brown. Engraving is an extra $10.

He’s given her jewelry, and she keeps it in her jewelry box.  He’s got a small collection of watches, and he… keeps them loose on top of a nightstand.  This does quite nicely.


3. His favorite brewers reserve series, or, an upscale craft version of his favorite beer.

Lots of 12oz or a bigger guy works.

Beer.  Yeah, it’s awesome.  If he’s got a favorite brewer, look into what kind of reserve series they offer.  The bigger bottle specialty brews can be incredible, and a great way to experiment.  If he’s more of a standard mega commercial pilsner/lager type, help him expand his horizons with a similar beer from a smaller brewery.  Above beers:  Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, and Full Sail Brewer’s Share ESB.  Dynamite.  Both of em.’


4. An Awfully nice money clip:  Tiffany Money Clip – $170.00

The cash to put in it is up to him...

So the Tiffany version is pretty expensive, but it’s timeless.  Something he can hand down to the next generation.  But  don’t bring that up if you’re new to dating him… he could think you’re bringing up having kids.  That, and you can order Tiffany stuff VERY late and still have it delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.  Deadline for Tuesday delivery is ordering by Noon ET on Monday.


5.  An accessory for his favorite gadget: iPad Atari Arcade – $60.00

Wait for it: Joy stick. You're snickering aren't you.

He has an iPad?  Awesome.  Is he over the age of 25?  Great.  Give him this, play some strip Centipede, and after the final round of… uh, Missile Command, then all I ask is you name the kid Joe come November.


6. Tickets to an event.  His favorite band/team/etc…

How romantic!

It’s up to the gift giver to read this situation correctly.  Most of us want to experience our favorite band or team with our significant other.  But if he’s got a buddy he’s been going to see the Steelers/Cubs/Gwar with since he was a kid… well then he should take him.


7. Tan Leather Gloves: All Gloves british tan nappa leather – $66.00 ($110)

Made in Italy too.

Black gloves.  We all have those.  Dark brown probably too.  But not many men have a pair of stand out, tan, ready to be worn till they fall apart gloves like these.  They’re a bit of a treat.  Cashmere lined too.


8. Favorite Sports Team Throwback: New York Knights Flannel Cap – $40.00

Or maybe his favorite actor is Robert Redford.

Most guys like sports.  Most guys who like sports have a team or two (or more) that they root for.  Hard.  A throwback allows him to still support his team, but avoid all the over-done slicked up logos of today.  Throwbacks have a real nostalgic feel to them.


9. His favorite movie’s throwback:  The Original Ocean’s 11 – $7.19

Plenty of movies have been remade again and again.  If his top flick of all time is one of these remakes, get him the original.  If that’s not the case but he’s a big fan of a series, get him some of the earliest incarnations.


10.  You, wearing something out of the ordinary in the bedroom

Wait a minute... Those aren't granny panties...

Giving a woman lingerie is more of a gift to the guy than the actual recipient.  So most of us won’t do that very often, if ever.  But for a woman to go out and pick up something she likes, fits her well, and is a little different from what she usually wears under her clothes?  Well that can be a very nice surprise.

Of course you guys have more suggestions.  To the comments with you.  All of you…
Concert Tickets Photo Credit: nzhamstarLingerie Photo Credit: Emery Co PhotoTop Cupid Photo Credit: RBerteig