Urban Outfitters Sale: The Least Hipstery Items

Don't worry.  You can do this without shutter shades.

Many thanks to reader Tim W. for sending in the Style Tip.

Want to raise some eyebrows?  Walk into an Urban Outfitters in a three piece suit.  It’s like a bizzaro version of some dude in roughed up clothes walking into a luxury store, only to be followed around because the sales associates suspect a shoplifter.  Put on a suit, head into an Urban Outfitters, and all of a sudden you’re the man there ready to keep some people down.  Some get all itchy looking.  You’re a Real Housewife, they’re Holden Caulfield.

But Urban Outfitters still carrys some solid goods at real reasonable prices.  Examples follow.  Free shipping kicks in at $50 and returns are free in-store.

Merrell Wilderness Canyon Boot – $119.99 ($200)

For more than just an urban enviornment

Was under $100 during the Nordstrom after half-yearly-sale sale.  But sizes got short quick.  If you want more substance over style but still have something that’s not too freaky looking, then these are a good pick.  Suggested over here by Mark in the comments.


Ben Sherman Onion Stitched Nylon Quilted Jacket – $79.99 ($149.00)

Bill Raftery approved.

The Ben Sherman brand always has a decent markup on it, but during a sale like this it comes down to more reasonable territory.  A lighter jacket for sure.  Quilted, but with a rounder “onion” stitch.  Corduroy at the collar.  An alternative for those who don’t want a field type of jacket, and don’t want some puffy insulated thing either.


Spiewak A1 Jacket – $49.99 ($189)

Look closely, and it looks like it's symmetrical.

See the red arrow?  There’s a triangle reinforcement detail there if you look closely, just like on the other pocket.  The tan version seems to indicate that being the case too.  Thinkin’ this hasn’t sold because people think it’s got a weird sort of asymmetrical style thing going on.  But it doesn’t.  Field jacket, utility, workman style?  Yes.


Sebago by The Brothers Bray & Co. St. Croix Camp Moccasin – $79.99 ($125)

So what if the boat is in storage?

Upgraded moc from Sebago.  Premium leather uppers.  Black in color with classic corded laces and a contrasting brown sole.  Boatshoes that you can pull off even in winter.  Wear some wool boot socks with em’ around the house.


Rothco Canvas Duffle – $24.99 ($39)

A thing to put things in. And take them places.

No one will ever… ever accuse you of carrying a man purse.  18.25 x 9.75 x 10  If you really want something this plain, might be worthwhile to check your local Army/Navy surplus store.


Sperry Top Sider Flannel Boot – $99.99 ($140)

Flannel boatshoe boot. Lumberjack Admiral at your service.

Not for everybody.  And we’re running short on time to use em’.  They won’t look or feel all that right come May, unless you’re living pretty close to the arctic circle (or, very much in the Southern Hemisphere.)  Hand sewn.


Levi’s Military Jacket – $59.99 ($98)

Sorta jean jacket like. Kinda.

Great brand and a good look.  Speaking of looks, it holds more than a slight resemblance to this one over here.  Description says it has a “tough woven poly shell” and it certainly looks like it could handle more than a windbreaker.


Hawkwings McGill Wingtip Boot – $54.99 ($78)

Better than the cheap price.

Still love mine.  Some wear started showing pretty early at the toes, but… a) I was treating them like crap.  And b) A little bit of Meltonian colored shoe creme fixed them right up.  Also recently featured by GQ in a slideshow.  Not sure if they know how cheap these things are.  Available in the tan leaning cognac leaning orange (more on that next week…) black, and a brown suede for $40 that looks much less rich in person.  Review of the leathers here.


Industrial Rolling Side Table – $99.99 ($169)

$10 shipping? But it has wheels!

Most likely tougher looking online than it actually is.  Costs an extra $10 to ship.  Seems expensive, but furniture seems to be jumping in price these days.  Much better looking than milk crates.  Still too pricey?  More on how to furnish your place for cheap over here.

No word on when this current Urban Outfitters sale ends…