The well kept secret: CLAD’s Sale Section

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CLAD Sale – The Best Under $120

Full honesty.  I had pretty much forgotten about CLADMen.  No, not this.  Esquire’s answer to The GQ/Gilt baby Park & Bond.  Cladmen felt sort of like Park & Bond.  Full retail stuff with magazine backed picks, and almost all of it was well above most of our budgets.  Sure Clad’s brands were more accessible and prices were a bit lower, but barring major markdowns it just wasn’t going to be front of mind.  And with Park & Bond’s “mneh” track record when it came to their sales, why would Clad’s sale section be any different?

Turns out it is.  Suede monks for $120?  Free shipping?  Here’s a few more bits of proof:

John Varvatos Star USA Deerskin Gloves – $56.90 ($95)

The hell were you at when Santa was asking for a list?

Yeah, so… those are probably the best looking gloves available for under $60.  Lined in cashmere.  Nice stitch line that sweeps along the top.  Buckle looks great.


Fred Perry Brushed Plaid Shirt – $56.90 ($145)

No need to sleep all night and work all day.

Cityfied country.  Not a true, heavy, spongey, flannel, but instead brushed cotton.  Tailored fit too.  Great looking pattern that’ll excel under solid v-necks or chino sportcoats.  Might even do well with a knit tie.  A little expensive for a casual shirt, but one you might reach for over and over.


Cole Haan Air Colton – $88.90 ($198)

Wear now. With dark denim and a light grey sport coat.

These would be the drunk younger brother of the all leather, more buttoned up CH Air Colton that’s on sale over at Nordstrom.  True oxford lacing with an upper that leans heavily towards summer buc.  Blue laces.  Under $90.  Whoa.


Cole Haan Suede Chukka – $98.00 ($228)


Not quite red, but the color is instead called “rust.”  More blue laces.  More stand out style.  More… huge discounting that lands these at just under $100 with free shipping.


Cole Haan Suede Single Monk Strap – $111.90 ($248)

And while we're at it... gadzooks.

Perfect for dressing down something dressed up, or looking dressed up when you’re laying low.  Chocolate suede and a not too gigantic buckle on the single monk strap.  $120.  Unreal.


Hugo BOSS Slim Fit Dress Shirt – $45.90 ($115)

BOSS + Slim usually = not this cheap.

Nice pattern.  Better that it’s a slim fit.  And was $115, but now way down to the “yeah, I could spend that on a dress shirt” price of $46.  True spread necessitates a tie.


Fred Perry Merino V-Neck – $49.90 ($135)

Logo is just fine. If you can handle logos.

Just under $50 puts one of these in a Banana Republic / Express merino sweater on-sale price range.  But the v-neck on this looks a little less deep.  The description calls the V “shallow” which might be code for “won’t dip dangerously close to the third button on your shirt.”


Gitman Solid Wool Ties – $44.90 ($75)

Big name, reasonable price.

A favorite brand to many.  Made in the USA.  Four colors available but no word on what the width is on these.  Also available in a version with terrific stripes.


SeaVees High Top Army Issue Sneaker – $46.90 ($118)

Sorry PF and JP.

A favorite of J. Crew’s “in good company” department.  Some of us are loyal to either our Converse Jack Purcells, or the PF Flyers center hi, but for $47 shipped, plus an awesome looking rubber cap toe as well as suede trim, our loyalties might start to waver.


Scott James Flat Front Stretch Chinos – $68.90 ($115)

Fit is unknown on these.

95% cotton and 5% spandex means these should be noticeably more flexible than all cotton chinos.  Unifinished so they’ll have to be tailored to your specific break liking.  Nice looking color, even if it’s a little light for this time of year.


BOSS Wool Knit Tie – $37.90 ($95)

Knit = not dorky.

Remember your summer knit ties?  These are winterized versions.  And come spring they won’t look too out of place either.


The Splurge:  D.S. Dundee Scottish Cashmere Blend Blazer – $169.90 ($425)

Down from $425.

Sizes are limited on this one and might go fast.  It’s a cashmere blend, claims to have minimal shoulder padding (hear that Tommy?), and a closer fit.  Button stance does look a little high though.  From Scotland.

No word on if this is a timed sale or not, so who knows if it’ll expire.  Everything ships free but do known that you’re on the hook for returns by way of a $10 return charge.  Surprised?  Do you think these discounts will keep up?  Have you purchased from CLADmen before?  Leave it all below…