The 10 Style Benefits of Getting Older as a Man

When it comes to aging and style, it's good to be a guy.

1. Hats of all kinds

Fedoras, driving caps, a trilby… whatever.  It usually takes a certain age to successfully pull off a hat without looking like you’re trying too hard.  But once you hit that point, it’s game as well as hat on.

2. Grey hair looks awesome

Women freak out about grey hair.  They spend boatloads of money dying their silver strands away.  For the guys who sometimes reach for a box of Just for Men… don’t.  George ClooneyAnderson Cooper.  Roll with it.

3. Bald can also be awesome.

Thanks Bruce.  Thank you JasonCaptain, Kelly, Djimon.  Jordan… you started the shaved/close cropped thing so you deserve a thanks, but c’mon man.  It’s time to step your game up in the clothes department.  (Full marks to Arts & Culture Correspondent Ben Madeska for passing along this as well as the link to the Jordan lack-of-style tumblr.)

4. Double Breasted Blazers and Suits

Over 40?  Make sure it’s well cut and in an un-musty fabric and you’ll look pretty damn dapper.  Over the age of 65?  Wear a Fedora, and your look will be straight up nuclear.  Boom.

5. You’ve had enough birthdays to accumulate a solid collection of great Scotch.

Time + gifts = a daily top shelf nightcap till the grave.

6. The unironic moustache.

Sam Elliott’s moustache should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

7. Your favorite power suit becomes invincible.

Keep it well tailored, keep the shoes shined, wear a great watch, and you can scare people if you want.

8. Reading the paper while getting your weekly shoe shine at the local cobbler.

Come to think of it, why aren’t we all doing this?

9. People stop asking “why are you so dressed up?

Because you look like you own the place.  And if the actual owner sees you, he might assume you’re there to buy it out from under him.

10. The bar is set so… so low.

As long as you stay in decent shape, have a better sense of style than comic book guy, and you’re polite, chances are women of all ages will think you’re pretty darn handsome.

Have you experienced some of these already?  What else do you look forward to?  Put it all in the comments below.
Top Photo Credit: Conor Lawless