Style Debate: The Tieless Suit

At least you won't have to decide between half or full windsor.

The Case Against the Tieless Suit:
  Wait, so you’re “rebel” enough to not wear a tie, but you’re still in a suit?  Look, it’s a progression thing.  Step 1: Shirt.  Step 2: Shirt and tie.  Step 3: Shirt, Tie, and suit.  It’s like wearing a suit but skipping the belt.  It looks like you just forgot to wear a tie, or worse, you had one on, got a little crazy at the wedding reception, tied it around your head while doing the Electric Slide, and it’s since gone missing.  You’re bucking tradition for the sake of bucking tradition.  You risk looking amateurish, and you can look plenty cool and plenty relaxed while still wearing a tie.

The Case For the Tieless SuitEasy Mr. Buttoned up.  It’s all about circumstance.  Headed to a job interview?  Put on the tie.  Heading someplace where a tie isn’t required, but you still want to look incredibly sharp?  Wear the suit but leave the tie.  Sometimes a tie looks too much like you’re headed to court.  But in order to pull off the tieless look, know that the shirt collar is key.  It has to be substantial enough that it frames your face.  No tiny collars or cutaways/full spreads allowed.  Collar stays are a must.  These are better.  Keep the suit slim, lightweight, and free of gigantic lapels or dominating stripes.  And relax.  Not everyone can pull it off.  But plenty can.  Here’s the proof:

 Statham. In Peaks.  You argue with him.


Tieless can even de-stuff a prince


The Master: George Clooney


The Master Defender:  Lionel Hutz

 Your turn guys.  Are you pro tieless suit?  Or is it a scourge on the male style community?  Leave your take below.