Last Call by Neiman Marcus extra 30 – 50% off sale

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You’re usually better off waiting for one of these extra 30% off sales at the Neiman Marcus online outlet  They have them seemingly all the time, but the one drawback is stock can get awfully low and sizes can get real spotty the longer you wait.  It is an outlet after-all.

Only select cold weather gear has been marked down by an additional 50%, but aside from a few exceptions, the rest of the site has been marked down by at least 30%.  No code is needed for the discount and the new prices show up in your cart.  Know that the code FSANN3 should get you free shipping with no minimum.  Picks seen below have (for now) at least a somewhat decent range of sizes available.  And that’s not always the case with

John Varvatos Dress Chukka – $119.40 ($298)


Appears to be the plain toe version of their medallion toe chukka over here.  Only this one is about a third of the price after an extra 40% gets taken off.


Hugo Boss Pasolini Navy Suit – $419.30 ($795)

Not super fitted.

A standard for suited guys that don’t mind getting a classic cut and then having it tailored in a bit.  Side vents on the jacket, two button, and a button stance that’s neither too high or old man low.


Neiman Marcus Trim Fit Shirts:  Full Spread Collar & Dobby Texture – $34.30

White Dress Shirts + one extra detail.

It’s awfully tough to go wrong with a bright white shirt.  And both of these are bright white shirts, with something extra.  The first is a full spread almost cutaway leaning collar, so you’ll need to tie a knot big enough to fill the space (and forget about going tieless.)  The second has a texture to the fabric that some guys like, while others stay away from.  Both are trim fits and now more than reasonable at around $34.


Neiman Marcus Croc Embossed Flask – $17.50 ($65)

Classier than a paper bag.

Perfect for those bottles of liquor you got from friends over the holidays.  Not a bad (and discreet) partner for an early evening walk in the cold.


J.D. Fisk Edgar Wingtip – $80.50 ($169)

An off the clock alternative.

J.D. Fisk shoes aren’t enormously high quality, but for $80.50 they should look and feel much, much better than other shoes in that price range.  An easy way to upgrade your away from work look is to wear some lace ups that look a little more dressed up than they need to be.  Don’t worry about keeping these in pristine condition.  Let them get dinged and beat up.  Description says “Imported.”  Probably imported from Mexico.  360 views available over at endless, where they have three colors instead of just one, faster shipping, but cost a few bucks more.


ShedRain Windpro Compact Umbrella – $22.40 ($48.00)

14 inches long. So, not Poppins-ish.

One of the few actually good looking compact sized umbrellas.  Nice looking curved wooden handle, a charcoal canopy, and a design that is supposed to make it stand up well in windy conditions.  For the fellas who can’t bring themselves to carry the much-loved but plenty long gentelman’s umbrella from totes.


Neiman Marcus Trim Fit Purple Check Dress Shirt – $34.30 ($89.50)

That's quite the shade of Barney.

A warning:  The vast, vast majority of us can’t pull this off.  Maybe it’ll be easier to wear once the weather starts to warm up and summer suits start to appear.  But a purple that’s this purple in a pattern that’s this bold just looks forced on a lot of people.  Trim fit.  If you can pull it off, more power to you.  Know that sizes are getting scarce.


Neiman Marcus Shave Kit – $28.00 ($156)

Toothpaste corral for your luggage

$156 is ridiculous.  $40 can still feel a little steep for a dopp kit.  $28 and free shipping for a cognac canvas colored one with leather accents like this might make you want to reconsider what you’re using now.


The Splurge:  Bruno Magli Suede Chelsea Boots – $255 ($595)

Yes. Those will do just fine.

You’ve got to be a pretty big shoe hog to be willing to drop $250 on a pair of suede boots.  But if you are?  They might as well be from Bruno Magli.  Available in black or brown.

The extra 30 – 50% off sale ends Tues. 1/17/11 at 8 a.m. CT.