In Person: Forehead shine preventer for guys

Because "Original Recipe Face" doesn't look real good.
Jack Black All Day Oil-control Lotion – $26.00

Some of us have a problem.  And that problem is after an eight hour work day, we’ll often look like we’ve spent every waking moment face down in a bucket of KFC.  A signal mirror for a forehead doesn’t look the best.  And there’s not a ton of products out there made for men that actually keep that shine off your face.

Jack Black’s Oil-control Lotion actually seems to.  Here’s some proof:

Without the oil-control lotion, after a standard work day.

With the oil-control lotion, after a standard work day.

Same room, same lighting, and no camera tricks.  I applied this stuff just once in the morning.  It soaks in pretty quick and develops a dry feel to it once it gets in your skin.  Doesn’t smell like much, which is great.  Is $26 a hefty price tag for 3.3 oz of anything?  Yeah, but you only need about a dime sized amount to cover your forehead and nose.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to schedule an appointment for a haircut.  Got a little shaggy apparently.

Have you had any success with other face-grease-prevention products?  Leave those below…