Dappered Classics: How to take a compliment. Or two.

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Compliment Taking Strategies – For when someone takes notice

Originally Published 4/5/11  Top Photo Credit

Her: You’re horrible at taking a compliment.
Me: Thanks!
Her: SEE?  Why don’t you JUST DO THAT??

It’s honestly not that easy.  In the eyes of many you probably dress “up” more.  Whatever that means.  And every so often someone tells you that they like your shoes, your blazer, or something else.  Maybe they even go as far as to ask why you’re dressed “so nice all the time.”

And then it’s up to you to not sound like a dopey materialistic narcissist who gets dressed every morning in the hopes that someone throws a compliment your way that day.  You only do it because it makes you feel your best and at ease.  But sometimes genuine, nice compliments happen, and usually they’re one of these two types:

The WHY compliments – So why are you dressed all nice all the time???

You have to know how to handle these.  One wrong verbal move and all of a sudden you’re that guy.  Don’t say you do it because you want to dress professionally.  Worse is saying you want to dress like a grown up.  That sounds like you view and judge others who don’t dress completely like you poorly.  It’s not about others.  Stick with the truth about how it makes you feel comfortable.  The person asking that question probably isn’t, so don’t make it worse.

The WHAT / Item specific compliments – I really like your sportcoat!

These aren’t so easy.  Some would say a simple thanks is sufficient.  But then there’s the inevitable awkward pause after your thanks, when the other person is just standing there looking at you.  Self deprecation can be a good move (when someone comments on my favorite trench, I always call it my Inspector Gadget coat), throwing a compliment back in their direction can also work, or a red herring like “I stole it” can be a good way to get out too.

How do you handle compliments?  Do you take a small amount of enjoyment from them?  Or are you like many who would sometimes (if not all the time) prefer not to receive them?  Leave it all in the comments section below.