GAP inc. goes 30% off – 3 picks from each brand

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30% off at, and w/ NEWYOU

The code is NEWYOU?  Maybe the people at GAP inc. market research ran some numbers, and this happens to be the week where people are feeling their best about those new year’s resolutions they made.  Y’know, the annual peak of “I can do this,” right before it all falls apart.  Better get em’ now before that one month free trial gym membership expires, and their desire for a new wardrobe tanks.

Remember that free shipping kicks in at $50 and you can bounce back and forth between brands to get there.  Most items return for free in-store, the sale is online only, and the code even works on sale items.

Banana Republic Black Wool Top Coat – $125.99

The extra ticket pocket is awesome.

This thing has gotten KILLED in the reviews for not being all that thick.  And the reviewers are right.  It’s not just slim in silhouette, but it’s slim in the depth of the fabric too.  But look, if you wear a scarf, a nice pair of gloves, and a blazer underneath, you’ll be more than fine unless you’re manning the info tent at the Occupy Nome encampment.  Already on sale.  Real nice looking up close.  One of the most handsome coats available this season.

Banana Republic Tailored Cotton Blazer – $138.60

Size shown: 38R. I need a 40R.

Finally.  No superfluous pockets.  No weird details.  Just a real nice, lighter grey, well cut cotton blazer.  It’s not a rumpled chino, so you can dress this up plenty, but it’ll still work just fine with jeans.  The fabric is soft, not stiff.  Remember that this is from their tailored line, so be prepared to size up.


Banana Republic Tailored Fit Italian Wool Suit Separates – $353.50 ($505)

And thank you sale.

The best of both worlds.  The Italian made fabric is a noticeable upgrade.  At the same time, it’s not from their higher end “monogram” collection, so the price stays reasonable.  One of my good friends got married in this suit over the summer, and he loves it (the suit and marriage.)  Shoulder pads aren’t too beefy and the off the rack cut is great.  The bargain alternative to a $500 Suitsupply, and without the risk of an Indochino.


GAP 1969 Garment-Dyed Straight Fit Jean – $48.96 ($69.95)

Four colors available. Size 31x30 shown.

Seventy bucks ain’t a small investment, but with the 30% off you end up with a decent fitting, straight leg non blue jean for about half the price of a pair of Bonobos Bull Denim.  Do know that the tag on these says that they’re untreated, and should shrink and fade with multiple washings.  Shrinking might be a problem for some since they sit pretty close to the calf.  Looks decent with a navy cotton blazer.


Allen Edmonds Kiowa – $186.55 ($249.00)

An extra 20% off through the GAP owned piperlime.

Wait.  What? … Right.  GAP Inc owns a shoe site.  That site is  And they’re pushing you there through’s shoe section.  Piperlime is also embracing this NEWYOU code with an extra 20% off most of their shoes.  Even Allen Edmonds.  And even Allen Edmonds that are already on sale like the Kiowa.  Which happens to be about as good as a lug soled oxford brogue gets.  Not that they make many of those.


GAP Basic Leather Belt – $20.97 (reg. $29.95)

Black, brown, and you're set.

Got a pair of these years ago.  Both are still going strong and have shown barely any wear.  In-store versions seem to be the same quality leather.  Maybe the guts are different and a new one would fall apart, but the design is flawlessly simple.


Old Navy Brushed Twill Pants – $24.46 ($34.94)

Leg warmers. That aren't, y'know, leg warmers.

If, and that’s a big if, these are the same brushed twill pants that were showing up in Old Navys a few months back, then they’ll be a much heavier than standard chino.  Those pants (which came and went in what seemed like a matter of days) were really thick.  Perfect if you do a lot of walking in awfully cold weather, but don’t want to go full flannel lined.  Still a risk though thanks to the weird Old Navy fits.


Old Navy Slim Fit Shirts – $17.15 ($29.50)

Go with the dark under a light grey sweater for contrast.

Kudos to Old Navy for jumping on the slim fit train.  Here’s to hoping they continue to make clothes that aren’t quite as enormous as they’ve been known to make in the past.  Meanwhile, there’s this 2 out of 5 stars review on these shirts: “The 3XXXL Shirts a very nice, good quality, But do not fit in the belly area, Should probably have not ordered the Slim-Fit ,Will have to send back. Nice looking shirts.”  Question.  Why are they even making 3X “slim fits”?


Old Navy Boxer Briefs – $5.95 ($8.50)

How COULD she resist??

Awwwww yeah.  Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.  Get home from work early, dim the lights, and when she opens that door, hit “Thunderstruck” and greet her in these.

The Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy 30% off site(s) wide code NEWYOU expires Thursday 1/19/11