Day off and looking ahead

The obligatory .gif plus a preview of next week.

Above Photo Credit: PinkMoose  Bottom .gif from here

Remember the last time we took a day off?  Right.  There was an analogy about a duck.  Lots was going on behind the scenes.

That’s not the case this time.

Just taking a day off.  But next week should be a good one.  Here’s what’s on the way:

  • A real nice giveaway to start the week, featuring something from a small, made in the USA type outfit.
  • 2012 gets declared as “The year of” something.  For the first time this year.
  • A “how much would you pay” that may or may not influence a personal in-house Dappered staff decision.
  • There’s a “would you wear it?” of a trend that refuses to go away.
  • A new month starts.  So get ready to win an Automatic from Orient.

In keeping with tradition, here’s your day-off-Christina-Hendricks-gif.  Selection was certainly inspired by Wednesday’s post about the style benefits of getting older as a man.

Only if this came with the AARP card.