Day off and looking ahead

Another day off that's really not a day off.  Plus what's up next week.
How Dappered, today, is like a Duck.

Above intermission photo credit

Y’know what they say about ducks.  All is calm above the water, but underneath they’re paddling the hell.  That’s what’s happening today.  Lots.  But it’s all behind the scenes.

Here’s what’s in the works for next week:

  • The monthly 1o best bets for $75 or less
  • A full review of  a suit from Suit Supply
  • An in person with one of the best looking sub $200 boots you’ll find, and no, it’s not a wingtip.
  • A “would you wear it” that some of us can’t get our heads around
  • Our music correspondent reviews the new(ish) album from an oft mentioned band

Hope your weekend is a great one.  A nice picture of a duck was to be posted below, but instead you get this: