Best of the L.L. Bean Signature / L.L. Bean Winter Sale

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L.L. Bean and their slimmer, younger leaning L.L. Bean Signature line don’t go on sale much.  Signature’s sale section in particular can look pretty thin for extended periods.  But that’s not the case now, with the recently launched mid-winter sale seeing an influx of new markdowns both on the Signature and L.L. Bean side.  Some of the more tailored Signature items are located only on the L.L. Bean site, but it’s pretty easy to tell what’s what.  Shipping is free on everything, no minimum and no code required.  On with the picks…

Signature Gingham Poplin Dress Shirt – $39.99 ($65)

Year round standard. Especially the navy.

A more tailored (but not crazy trim) fit, pima cotton, and a surprisingly large amount of sizes available in the navy.  Reviews are mainly positive with a few saying the sides aren’t as close as they’d like.


Signature Wool Tartan Blazer – $199.00 ($275)

Not gonna work in July.

Not quite blackwatch since the usual blue tones are traded in for brown, but just under $200 with character to burn.  Since it’s signature, it’ll be more tailored, but the risk is the sleeves.  Most Signature jackets seem to run long there.  Real leather elbow patches should look much better than jackets saddled with wannabe pleather patches.


Signature Waxed Cotton Field Trench – $99.99 ($275)

Bring on the rain.

Has the potential to be one of the best looking casual work-style jackets out there.  A mid-thigh length, great looking navy waxed cotton exterior, contrasting brown corduroy collar and cuff lining, and since it’s a single breasted mac style, instead of a belt there’s an interior draw-string for fit.  A bit of an oddball with some serious heritage workwear style.  Also available in a loden green, but the navy is the better looking of the two.


Signature Washed Oxford Cloth Shirt – $29.99 – $44.99 ($55)

OCBD in unexpected patterns

Plaid and bold patterns aren’t just for flannel shirts and weekend wear anymore.  These are oxford cloth button down collar shirts that’ll jump more than a standard light blue or plain white.


Signature Tartan Tie – $29.99 ($75) and L.L. Bean Wool Tie – $19.99 ($40)

Winter neckwear

Good grief that silk tartan tie was expensive to start.  Made in the USA, pretty good looking on the web, but no word on how wide it is.  The LL Bean tie on the other hand is a substantial 3.5″ at its widest, and downright cheap at $20.


L.L. Bean Rib Knit Lambswool Blend Scarf – $24.99 ($34.95)

In case you've lost a scarf already this year.

Usually you’d think of cotton when you see a rib knit, but these claim to be a “warm lambswool blend.”  Ships free like everything else, but you might want to check your local Army/Navy surplus for similar (& cheaper) options first.


Signature Wool Tartan Slacks – $99.99 ($175)

Far from a boring pair of black dress pants.

Expensive, but all wool slacks with a nice pattern like this will always run more than a pair of cotton chinos.  Marked down from $175, not a blackwatch since there’s no blue in them, but well reviewed.  Straight fit.  100% wool and the fabric is imported from Italy.


Signature Bean’s Warden Jacket – $99.99 ($195)

Go Pack Go.

The one item you’ll need to look great during any early fall trips to Lambeau.

The up to 50% off all L.L. Bean Outerwear sale ends 1/8.  No word on when the overall WINTER sale ends.