10 Style Resolutions for 2012

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#1. Wear a suit for no reason at least a few times a month.

Especially if you’re rarely suited.  A well cut suit is the most powerful thing in a guy’s wardrobe.  But even if it’s perfectly tailored and looks fantastic, you’ve got to wear it every so often to be truly comfortable in it.  That way, when it comes time for that wedding or job interview, it’ll feel like no big deal.  There’s no reason you can’t be the best dressed guy in the room.  Put on that suit and take your significant other out for dinner.

#2. Go one full month without buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories.

Plenty of you do this often.  But there’s many of us who don’t.  Consider it a cleanse for your closet.

#3. Wear blazers and sportcoats more often.

If you’re not in a jacket 95% of the time, wearing one for the hell of it will feel stuffy at first.  But hang in there.  And know that there are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to default to a jacket.

#4. Invest in a three season trench.

Most men have a winter peacoat, topcoat, or both in their arsenal.  You’ll want something lighter weight yet cut from the same mold for spring, cool summer downpours, and fall.  Standby for an in-person, but it appears that Banana Republic has brought back a cotton/nylon blend trench.  It could be a steal at 30% off.

#5. Tuck your shirt in more

On the weekends, or after work, most men under 35-years-old let their shirt tails hang.  And it can be done right, but tucking it in and adding a layer on top like a sweater or an unconstructed blazer looks way more polished.

#6. Drink a glass of water before each meal

Your skin will look better, you’ll be healthier overall, and you’ll eat slower with better moderation.  That means if you’re carrying some extra weight, your clothes should eventually start to fit and look better.

#7. Save up for a shoe shine caddy

Man it makes things easier.  (Suggestions:  this one’s pricey, and this one is cheapericon.)

#8. Change something about your hair.

Let your hair go long.  Or cut it short.  Grow a beard or finally get your face fuzz straight razored off.  I’ve got a friend who’s had a mustache for well over a decade and he’s spent more than a week trying to figure out if it should go.  Make that change and give any regrets the bird.

#9. Save up for a really good pair of shoes.

Shoe snobbery can get tiresome.  And most of us can make under $150 shoes last.  But one thing is for certain.  Getting your hands on and feet inside a pair of bullet proof, could last a life time oxfords can be a real smart investment.  As long as you’re not stretching your budget too much.  Look for something that’s traditional with an interesting detail.  Example:  The Allen Edmonds Weybridge.  They even go real well dressed up with jeans.

#10. Don’t take the “rules” of fashion so seriously.

The annual reminder for us all.  If you feel your best in it, and it looks good on you, forget the “experts” and go with it.  Most of these so-called rules (even the ones you read on this website) are more suggestions than anything.  99.9% of you already get this.  Don’t over think it.  There are much bigger things to be concerned about.

What else?  Leave your own personal style resolutions below.  And also, many thanks for the readership in 2011.

A few potential investments for 2012:  A shoe caddy, well made laceups, and a do anything trench.