The Best Casual Sweater of Winter 2011

Who makes it and where to get it for $33.
American Eagle Shawl Collar Fisherman’s Sweater – $32.99* ($59.50)

*UPDATE:  Use code 39427841 for the discounted price.  These were gone off the web.  But they’re back in a few sizes.  Free shipping through Tuesday as well.  Price above reflects the online price.  If you’re heading in-store, they might be a little more.  Use their item locator tool here.  Discount is a part of their 40% off sweaters promotion, which is running online and in store through Tues. 12/13.

If you’re over the age of 25, you’ll probably feel a little out of place walking into an American Eagle store.  But this is worth it.  Currently 40% off through Tuesday 12/13, it’s cotton, it’s warm, it’s thick, and despite looking like it could be too generous through the sides when sprawled out on the ground, it actually fits pretty trim in person.

The neck is nice and thick but not bulky, and the knit has that nautical, almost fair isle look to it.  Only unlike fair isle, you get to skip all the wild colors if that’s not your thing.  100% cotton, made in China (no surprise there) and the only logo isn’t visible since it’s on the inside tag.  Authentic looking, incredibly comfortable, oddly masculine, and under forty bucks.  Find one in store by using their locator tool.

Top: Jeans by Levi’s, Watch by Pulsar w/ custom strap, boots by Allen Edmonds, and no, that ain’t Daniel Craig.