Style Scenario: The Packed, Relaxed, Holiday House Party

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We’ve all been to one of these.  It’s a come-one-come-all kind of party where people drift in and out of a house that’s fun, welcoming, and warm as all hell inside because it’s at capacity.  Maybe some of us have even thrown these kinds of things.  The problem is, you can’t open the windows because it’s frigid outside, but it gets stuffy fast.  Best to leave your stellar flannel suit in the closet, stay relaxed, but still look winter/holiday appropriate.  Here’s how:

A well tailored Cord Blazer:  J. Crew 18-Wale – $118.50 w/ GIFTS ($158)

Just in and on sale.

J. Crew’s current code GIFTS gets you 25% off purchases of $150+ or 30% off purchases of $250+.  Luckily enough, J. Crew’s new 18-wale cord blazer just came in, and they’re priced right above that first cutoff.  Similar to their 14-wale, only the lines of corduroy on these are slimmer.  A cord blazer is still plenty holidayish, but it’s cotton so it won’t be as heavy as a tweed.  Nor will it be as showy as velvet.  Also available, the cheaper INC cord with patch pockets.


The red patterned shirt:  L.E.C. Tartan Poplin – $49.50 | Target Merona – $22.99

Both come with button down collars

If there’s a shirt to wear while sipping eggnog, these be them.  Lots of ho-ho-ho fueled boldness but most of it will be covered up by the blazer.  Even under the blazer, it’ll be more comfortable than the wool sweaters the rest of the guys will probably be wearing.


The Light Grey Tie:  1901 Solid Wool Knit Tie – $39.50

Winter fabric, summer knit.

The texture on a knit tie is going to get pretty close to the same level of texture in an 18-wale cord blazer, but that big, bold shirt is the transition/distraction in-between.


Dark Denim:  Levi’s 527 Boot Cut & Levi’s 514 Slim Straight – $35.99* ($54.00)

*Use code MACYSFF through 12/5

A straight fit like the 501 or even L.L. Bean Signature’s 5-pocket jean is ideal, but these are on sale and if you’re on the thinner side, the slim straights might be dead on for your lower body.  Yes the boot cut flares a little at the base.  But it’s not hugely exaggerated.


The Cheap Wingtip Boots:  Hawkins McGill – $88.00

Go ahead and beat em' up.

If the weather is going to be crap, might want to keep your best Allen Edmonds in the closet.  These go on sale every so often and the tan versions are holding up just fine for me.  They have gone on sale before, so the price could very well drop the next time they run a big sale.  No lug sole on these, so walk carefully.


The Cheaper Watch:  Seiko 5 SNK809 – $62.33 ($185)

The budget awesome auto

This is the reason why some Automatic fans refuse to spend more than $50 on a quartz watch.  This one is just north of $60, fulfilled by Amazon, and comes with one of Seiko’s most popular automatic movements.  Pic shown taken by this guy (and nice work by the way) with a replacement leather strap installed.  Comes with a canvas strap.

That combination should leave you with a better shape & more comfortable than the sweater wearers.  The J. Crew 25% off $150+ / 30% off $250+  code GIFTS expires on 12/4/11.  Should get you free shipping too.  Top Photo Credit