Quick Picks: The Rare 30% off Everything J. Crew Sale

Free shipping too.  Is this a sign that Santa's got a light load this year?

J. Crew 30% off + Free shipping no Minimum w/ CHEER  SNOWMAN

SAT. UPDATE:  J. Crew has extended their 30% off sale with the code SNOWMAN.  No free shipping on everything though.  That kicks in at $100.  Code is good through Monday.  Credit “Naked Truth” in the comments for noticing. 

This is bizarre.  J. Crew was just running a tiered sale earlier this week, and now they’re doing 30% off site-wide (with a few exclusions)  with the code CHEER, and you get free shipping no minimum?  Looks like if you order within the next 4 days it’ll get there in time for Christmas (unless you’re sending it to Canada, Japan, Alaska, etc…)  J. Crew has been sale heavy lately.  Can’t imagine they’re going to turn into a perpetually on-sale brand like Banana Republic, but maybe the holiday numbers aren’t so rosy and they’re using whatever tools they’ve got to get attention.  And attention they’ll get…

Sawtooth flannel tie – $41.65 ($69.50)

A tie that's actually gift worthy.

Already on sale, and now with the 30% off it gets down to a more than reasonable price range.  Forget how good it looks, consider that it’s English wool and it’s made here in the USA.  Not bad for $40 shipped.  2.5″ at its widest.


Ludlow Chino Sportcoat – $103.60 ($148) | Ludlow Corduroy Sportcoat – $110.60 ($158)

Both wearable now. Wear the chino all year.

A flood of emails come in every spring asking where to find a lightly structured chino sportcoat.  It ain’t spring, but here it is.  GAP always seems to produce one, but for $100 shipped, the Ludlow Chino from J. Crew should do just the trick.  The GAP might end up being cheaper, but it’s not like you can’t wear this thing now.


The Aldridge Summer Suit Jacket & matching pant – $195.97 ($366)

It's summer somewhere, right?

For the guys who just can’t get on board with the super slim suit trend.  And for those that DO prefer their suits slimmer?  You got a tailor, right?  The J. Crew Aldridge fit is considered their “classic” cut, so, if you’re between sizes, consider stepping down.  Sure it’s winter, but under $200 for an Italian Cotton suit from J. Crew ain’t half bad.


Sterling Silver Tie Bar – $56.00 ($85.00)

Not just "silver tone."

Already on sale.  Sterling.  Simple.  2 1/4″ wide so it’ll be perfect for those 2.5″ – 3.5″ ties.


Donegal Crewneck Sweater – $47.60 ($98.00)

Taking the slob out of cozy.

Beefy.  But unlike this one, it’s wool.  So if you’re not into cotton sweaters, or, you don’t like shawl collars, then this is a good substantial alternative to the American Eagle Fisherman’s sweater.


Leather iPhone Case – $26.60 ($38.00)

Can you vintage up an iPhone?

So it doesn’t ship until February, it’s over $25 for something to put your iPhone in, and it’s got that J. Crew logo on the back that’s certainly not necessary.  But it’s one way to class up a gadget.

The J.Crew 30% off plus free shipping @ $100 code SNOWMAN expires at 11:59pm ET 12/19/11.