Macy’s One Day Sale Picks, December 6 – 7

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Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – December 6 – 7, 2011

As always, it’s incredibly tough to peg when Macy’s will launch a One Day Sale.  Sometimes a month and a half will go by between them, sometimes only a few weeks will pass.  One thing is certain: These are sales worth paying attention to.  The one-day sale prices are some of the best mark downs in the retail industry.  Here’s some of the best from the One-Day-Sale which runs Tues. December 6 – Wed. December 7.  Items marked with a * are “Web Busters.”  In store prices may or may not match up.  Selection on all items (especially shoes) in store can vary greatly.

Victorinox Dive Master 500 in Black or Orange – $199 ($550)

Not 100, not 200... 500 m.

When it comes to watches, Macy’s doesn’t always have the best deals.  So it’s a rarity when they’re soundly walloping the competition.  A 500 m water resistance rating and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal means this thing is the real deal, and not some watch that’s more form than function.  That, and they look incredible.  Was just going for full price on their site yesterday.  They are quartz, but under $200 is a beyond good price.


Club Room Cashmere V-Neck – $59.99* ($160)

Is cheap cashmere really cashmere?

There are two types of people in this world.  Those that own a sword, and those that don’t.  Now aside from that, there are three types of guys in the world of men’s style.  Those that put Cashmere at a premium and will take nothing but the best, those that put up with the many drawbacks of cheap cashmere (piling, weird hand feel, etc.), and those that will stick to Merino wool (I’d be the last one.)  This would be the cheap stuff.  Sixty bucks, but after 79 reviews it still has 5/5 stars.


Hilfiger Navy and Green Tartan Dress Shirt – $32.50* ($65)

Black watch for the rest of us

Can’t drop $350 – $500 on that J. Crew Black Watch?  Get in line.  I’m holding a space for you.  Consider this a substitute.  Throw it on under a lighter grey sweater, tweed blazer, or flannel suit (which you can get for a couple hundred less than the sportcoat) and you’ll give a somewhat same effect.  Finish it off with a black silk knit tie to give it the third color and some texture.  Claims to be fitted.


Nautica Striped Scarf – $23.99* ($49.50)

Small cost, can't miss pattern.

Like wrapping your favorite pair of just loud enough socks around your neck.  Without the feet smell.  A little out of the norm without getting nuts.  Acrylic/Nylon/Wool blend.


Isotoner Quilted Gloves – $37.50 ($75) | American Rag Cable Knit Gloves – $9.99 ($14.50)

Cheap and cheapest

First spotted by Quetzal over here, the Isotoner quilted gloves are a great, more affordable alternative to the well liked version from Polo Ralph Lauren.  And it’s always good to have a backup pair when you can’t find your leather gloves, or, just don’t feel like wearing them.  The acrylic machine washable knits should do just fine.


Tommy Hilfiger Snowflake Scarf – $26.00 ($52)

Festivus ready.

Guerrilla Fair Isle.  It’s here, and then it’s gone.  And then… it’s back again.  Not a full sweater, but just a scarf.  Just a small dose of loud holiday patterns that are actually pretty subtle here.  Easy to take off unlike a sweater.


Hilfiger Rectangle Watch and Round Dial Watch – $39.99 ($59)

So these would not be water reistant to 500m

No word on how big the round dial is (sometimes Hilfiger watches can get a little too big) but if you want to experiment with the tank style, $40 is a nice entry level price point for a simple looking watch.


14K White Gold Diamond Cluster Earrings – $159.20 ($400)

Small, but she can wear them anywhere.

Don’t start.  I swear to the retail Gods that if anyone gets going on how big a waste of money diamonds are, I will turn this Monkey Fighting website around on this Monday-to-Friday internet and we will ALL GO HOME AND WRITE ACTUAL LETTERS AND SEND FAXES TO EACH OTHER.  Seriously.  Anyway, $400 for these is way too much.  $160 is pushing it but costs are up everywhere.  These are tiny.  Real small.  But that makes them great for her to wear with a pair of jeans and a well fitting sweater.  Just enough sparkle if you can find a good set, so go in store and ask to see a few different pairs next to each other.

Pickins are slim this time.  This current Macy’s One Day Sale ends Wednesday 12/7.