J. Crew & FACTORY extra 20% off SALE items

If an online sale happens just before Xmas, does it make a sound?

J. Crew Extra 20% off sale with MUSTSHOP

The graphics from J. Crew are a little misleading.  You’d think that extra 20% would only come off items marked FINAL sale.  Final sale items are the very ends, and the big catch is that you can’t return them.  But the code works on regular sale items as well as FACTORY.  As is always the case, these things are going to move fast.  But maybe not quite as fast as normal, since we’re only a few days before Christmas, this sale is online only,  and people have understandably given up on getting items shipped to them in time.  The code expires Wednesday 12/28…

J. Crew 14-Wale Corduroy Sportcoat  in Ludlow Fit – $79.20 ($138)

Light enough that it can be worn deep into spring.

Nearing INC Cord Blazer pricing.  This is final sale, so you best be sure you want it.  No returns on this one.  It might need a little bit of tailoring at the waist, but overall it’s as good as it gets.  Zero shoulder padding.  Full review here.


J. Crew University Coat in Black or Navy – $103.99 ($235)

Also available in Charcoal, slim, and w/ thinsulate for more $

Say you’ve got a slick top coat for the work week.  But you want something more relaxed for the weekends.  For just over $100, there’s the J. Crew university coat.  Not everyone is a fan of single breasted pea-coat like outerwear.  But for the price?  Also a final sale.  No returns here.


J. Crew Beaumont Weekender – $174.40 ($228)

Nice, but there are other options.

Just about 2000 cubic inches of space inside.  Waxed canvas exterior with pebbled leather accents.  Nice, but for less you could get a simplified made in the USA alternative from Frost River, or, for $240 you can get an also made in the USA and  just as good looking as the J. Crew Duluth Pack sportsman’s duffel.


J. Crew Cotton braided Belt – $23.60 ($39.50)

Webbed for your pleasure.

Not a bad color to work into your Fridays and weekends.  1 1/4″ in width, so it’s far from some gigantic thing.  Sizes come in small-medium and large-extra large.


FACTORY Wool Sueded Gloves – $11.99 ($26.50)

Not mittens.

So you left a pair of gloves in a cab already this year huh?  These would be a nice backup pair.  Might want to check your local Army/Navy for even cheaper options, but for twelve bucks, it’s hard to go wrong.  Final sale.


J. Crew Ludlow fine-stripe cotton summer suit – $223.98 ($366)

Really not mittens.

Anyone in the mood to buy a light blue, striped, summer suit a few days before Christmas?  No?  That’s why it’s on sale.  Surprising that there are all sizes available though.  Not quite sure why they’re fully stocked at this point in the year.  As far as fit, cotton suits from J. Crew can be so-so… full review on a similar one over here.  Final sale.

The J. Crew extra 20% off sale code MUSTSHOP expires next Wednesday, 12/28/11