Five Decent Sales: The Friday Handful

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If the above pic doesn’t prove that some aren’t meant to be hand models, I don’t know what will.  That, and angles count.  It’s all about angles.  Feel free to peruse these markdown quints.  If you’ll excuse me, I need to phone home

The Pinkie:  Bonobos and their back up and running Cyber Monday discounts.

Deals are set to expire Monday.

Look.  Love the pinkie.  It’s a fine finger.  And it’s hard not to feel for everyone at Bonobos who’s been suffering through what must be maddening tech issues (their site was down again yesterday.)  But with their new platform not telling you what sizes are sold out, and the discounts being spread so far out, you can almost do without this thing.  Not the whole finger or brand, but just this tip of that finger.  For now.  Hell, Ronnie Lott got by just fine.  UPDATE:  Codes BUTTERYSOFT and BETTERFIT seem to be (one time use?) 20% off codes that are appearing in web ads.  Some even on this very website.  Good catch by Sean S. and “guest” in the comments for the addition.


The Ring Finger:  L.L. Bean /  Signature 10% off via clickthrough

Expires 12/15

Like your ring finger, it’s not always the first thing that comes to mind, but you’d marry a couple of those L.L. Bean Signature suits if you could.  Ultra relaxed, ultra comfortable, all without looking schlubby.  It’s not really the time to be thinking of summer suits, but the New Traditional Twill is way down to $112 shipped, and they do offer it in blue (do know that some have seen color matching problems on the blue.)  And of course, there’s the flannel…


The Middle Finger: J. Crew 25% off orders of $150+ with code PRESENTS

Now $187 with the code

Has an overwhelming influence on the hand as a whole, and like the bird, spending more than $150 to get a discount can get you in a heap of trouble.  Worth a look if you’re in the market for something more expensive.  Expires 12/11.


The Index Finger: Express Tiered Sale with code 9364 + BOGO for $29.90 sweaters/shirts

Two Merino Vs = $70

The index is all about complicated operations.  And this one is a complicated operation.  Code 9364 (or 9372) gets you $15 off $30, $30 off $75, or $60 off $150.  It stacks with the buy one get one half off sweaters and shirts sale.  Your best option is the basic, no logo, fitted, Italian Merino V-neck.  Not real thick, but great for layering.  You can use the code and discount to get two of those for $69.80.  That’s $34.90 a piece, and thus, not a bad deal.  Expires 12/12.


The Thumb: Banana Republic 35% off site wide with code BRSNOW

Code expires today, 12/9

The thumb is what sets us humans apart.  If you were forced to pick just one store to stick with on a limited budget, you could still set yourself apart with the help of B.R. and their sales.  35% off site wide (sale too) is better than good.  Seems like their online operations have been lagging behind in-store when it comes to debuting new items, but their new gingham slim fit shirts are online and worth considering at $38.68.  Same goes for the peak lapel, ridiculously soft cotton, tailored fit light herringbone striped blazer.  Now at $162.50, which ain’t cheap, but still $90 off.