Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale + Extra 20% off

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Brooks Brothers is one of those brands that’s out of reach for many, even when they’re having a site-wide sale.  That’s why today, when an extra 20% off is applied at checkout to already deeper than normal sale prices, is one of those few times someone on a limited budget can consider a Brooks Brothers item.

The extra 20% off will even come off stuff that was rotting (marinating?) in the clearance section.  Again, it’s pretty much all on sale, and the extra 20% off lasts only through today.  That extra 20% makes a difference.  For example:

Calfskin Monk Strap Desert Boot – $118.80 ($198)

Your Clarks might get jealous?

Those are something.  Monk Straps slapped on a crepe sole desert boot.  Terrific lighter tan color and leather linings.  No reviews yet so these are a bit of an unknown.  Already on sale.


Linen and Cotton Chalk Stripe Sport Jacket – $99.20 ($248)

Nice crocodandies.

Already on clearance with oddly all sizes available (for now.)  Chalk stripe, pick stitching, un-constructed, and a linen/cotton blend woven in Ireland.  No word on the off the rack fit, so it’ll probably need to be tapered at the sides by your tailor.


Garment Dyed Unlined Sport Jacket – $79.20 ($198.00)

As casual as Brooks Brothers will get.

Like the striped sportcoat above, this one started out pricey but can now be had with the clearance + sale + extra 20% off trifecta for close to GAP pricing.  Lapels look trim, only available in black.  Most sizes seem available.


Chukka Boat Boots – $76.80 ($128)


Kind of like Sebago’s Beacon, on with more boat shoe influence.  Great color combo, and the price isn’t half bad.


Four Brooks Brothers Dress and/or Sport Shirts – $140 – $160ish

But will anyone buy four shirts at once?

Here’s how this works.  If you buy two shirts you get 25% off (plus the extra 20% off today.)  Buy four or more and you get 40% off plus that extra 20% off.  So you really have to be the buy-in-bulk type to get these down to around $35 a piece.  Most of us don’t purchase four shirts at once, but it’s worth noting.  Shirts from Left:  Blue Oxford, White Oxford, Medium Tattersall, Red Plaid Sport Shirt.  All regularly $79.50 except the tattersall which is usually $69.50.  All styles shown here are available in the maybe-you-won’t-need-tailoring extra-slim fit.


Pebble Card Case – $34.80 ($58.00)

Lotta class for the price.

For the same price of a glass smooth Calvin Klein card case, you can snag this Brooks Brothers pebbled card case.  That won’t happen all that often during the year.


Lambswool V-Neck Arm Stripe Sweater – $38.16 ($79.50)

Varsity look might be too much for some.

An in-person with the same sweater (bought through Park & Bond) left a little to be desired when it came to the fit.  Despite some glowing reviews saying it wasn’t boxy, it does seem to have a little more room in the sides and arms.  Might want to consider sizing down.


The Splurge:  Levi’s 501 Made in the USA for Brooks Brothers – $88.80 ($148)

Expensive, but a nice investment for some.

Plenty put a premium on Made in the USA.  And there’s a boat load of us who swear by the fit of a 501.


Ray-Ban Caravan – $75.00 ($125) | Ray-Ban New Wayfarer – $71.40 ($119)

Back down to 40% off pricing.

If you’ll notice they say this sale is “up to” 40% off.  These, with the extra 20% off, actually get them down to that 40% off wall.  They were the same price during the accessories sale earlier this month.  More on the New Wayfarer here.


Rib Knit Merino Winter Hat – $40.80 ($68)

Santa screw up your hat order?

Just like the sunglasses above, these are now back down to 40% off.  Rib, almost cable knit, merino wool, and a “water repellent Teflon finish.”


Made in the USA Cedar Shoe Valet – $76.80 ($128.00)

Helps. Big time.

The affordable luxury shoe shine valet, if there can be such a thing.  Just north of $75, but it’s made in the USA, comes with a couple of horse hair brushes, two daubers for applying the polish/creme, and a couple other essentials.  Shining your shoes is much, much easier with one of these setups.


Leather Moccasin Boots – $148.80 ($248)

An investment, but plenty tempting.

Stitching around the toe like this (sometimes called an “apron toe”) can be awfully hard to keep dressy and slim, but somehow this boot looks like it accomplishes just that.  All without losing their should-work-with-jeans look.  $100 off through today.  Goodyear welt construction.


Greyhound Walking Stick – $88.80 ($148)

Perfect for shaking at clouds.

You bet your kester this is happening when I hit 80.  Now get the hell off my lawn.

The Semi-Annual Brooks Brothers sale ends Wednesday January 4th, while the extra 20% off ends 12/26/11…