10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – December 2011

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Seventy Five dollars.  That’s a lot of money.  It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym.  Seventy Five dollars.  It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right.  Ten picks follow, all under $75, and some of them are much, much less.

1. GAP: Italian Moleskin Blazer – $55.99 w/ GAPCHEER ($118)

Sizes are selling quick...

Best blazer deal of the season.  If you’re still looking for a winter/holiday party ready sportcoat for cheap, this is it.  The fit is an honest trim, the Italian sourced fabric is something else, and it comes in chest specific sizes.  Size shown there is a 40R and usually I’m a 38 or 39.  Moleskin is a little like velvet, but with much shorter fibers and no sheen.  Cotton but still warm. Already on sale and with the extra 30% off code GAPCHEER it’s a complete steal.  Ships free.  Code expires today (12/20/11) and sizes are going fast.  Might be on sale in store if you can fight the crowds.


2. Neiman Marcus Dress Shirts: White – $38.50 ($88) | Pink Windowpane – $34.30 ($90)

The extra 30% off comes at checkout.

Everything on Lastcall.com is an extra 30% off through December 23rd.  The White is a full spread collar so that’s unique.  French cuffs too.  Might not be trim fit though, so tailoring might be necessary.  No iron finish on that one.  The Pink Windowpane isn’t a no-iron (which plenty prefer) but it is a trim fit with a perfect pattern.  Just enough pink without going overboard.


2. U.O. Hawkings McGill Suede Wingtip Boot – $54.99 ($78.00)

Ships and returns free too.

It appears the boots that get shipped by Urban Outfitters resemble these more than the rich chocolate suede version seen on their website.  There’s burnishing that when seen up close is a little too much, but once you put em’ on and stand up it’s just fine.  Full review here.  Part of the U.O. boot sale.  Ships and returns free since they’re over $50.


3. Buffalo Check Lambswool Scarf – $44.99 ($59.50)

Affordable luxury

Part of the ongoing Ralph Lauren Holiday sale.  A bold pattern, three color options, and an 80% wool 20% nylon blend.  Stack that on top of the made in Italy status and you’ve got a nice gift for you or someone else.  72″ long, and if ordered by 11:59pm ET today (Tuesday 12/20) standard ground shipping should get it to you in time for Christmas.


4. American Eagle Wool Blend Peacoat – $60.00 w/ code 39427841 ($129.50)

Size shown here is a large. I could use a medium.

With that 40% off code (which could expire any time now) this drops to a stupid $60.  It’s not hefty by any means, but not flimsy either.  The best coat you’ll find for $60, but when compared to the J. Crew Bayswater, the J. Crew wins and wins easily.  54% recycled wool.  Credit to Matt for sending in the style tip, and credit to Jessey D. who posted some pics of his coat in the comments over here.  One drawback:  The collar might be a little too big for some.


5. The Black Keys “El Camino” – $11.99

This would be a follow up from last month’s Most Wanted.  It’s out.  And these two dudes from Akron continue to carry the flag for most of the Rock genre.  When you’re good, everyone knows it.  When you’re great, even a guy like David Letterman can’t help but crack a sh*t eating grin at the end of your song.


6. 1901 Dot Pattern Wool Silk 3″ Tie – $24.90icon ($39.50)

Available in black or navy.

Dots just don’t get enough love in the tie world.  They’re easily one of the best patterns out there as long as they don’t get too huge.  This one has well proportioned dots on a wool/silk tie that’s 3″ at it’s widest point.  That’s awfully close to neckwear perfection.  $25 and ships free.  Find the navy hereicon (even though the pic is still the black one)


8. “Karma” necklace by Dogeared – $62.00icon

Pretty, affordable, and made in the USA.

Don’t forget about her.  At this point, you might be scrambling for ideas that’ll make her smile on Sunday morning.  Jewelery is a tough call, but this is about as safe and as good of a play as it gets.  Subtle, small, and something she can wear whenever.  Three rings are dipped in either 14k gold, rose gold, or silver, and represent the circular nature of karma.  Made in the USA too.


9. Zippo Antique Brass Lighter – $16.80 | Zippo Brushed Metal Money clip – $14.50

Only you can prevent empty money clips.

Kids, don’t smoke.  But sometimes you need to make fire.  Whether it’s for the BBQ, or your pal is showing you how to drink Sambuca (have that fire extinguisher ready) it’s nice to have a flame at the ready.  Zippo’s finished brass lighter looks a heck of a lot better than a book of matches from whatever dive bar you frequent.  And the money clip?  A lot of class for barely any cost.  Both ship free from Maxton Men.


10. Eggnog Ice Cream with a sidecar of Goslings Black Seal Rum

Could be the best thing in the history of things.

I’m-going-to-the-chair-in-the-morning “last meal” worthy.  Unlike some sipping rums (like Zaya) Goslings is sweet, but not too sweet.  Affordable and easy to drink with most desserts.  Especially really friggin’ good egg nog ice cream.  Probably what Santa kicks back with after his long night on the 24th.  (Rum photo credit, ice cream credit)

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