Would you wear it? The bright contrast arm stripe sweater

A real young looking sweater from a not so young brand.
Brooks Brothers Lambswool V-Neck – $56.00 ($79.50)

*Or, even cheaper if you picked up the $40 for $80 Park & Bond voucher a few weeks back.

Brooks Brothers has somewhat recently gotten killed on their Facebook page by longtime customers complaining about the youthful turn the brand seems to have taken.  No matter that these guys were arguing that Brooks Brothers was looking too young… while they themselves were using Facebook.

Brooks Brothers is trying not to not age themselves out of the market and this sweater is proof.  On sale through Park & Bond, and through Nordstrom the blue one says the fit is “Considered a Trim fit; fitted through the chest, armholes and sides.”  That’s good.  But the orange claims to be a regular fit (see below.)  That’s confusing.

Lambswool and from Brooks Brothers.  Seems like it could be a great way to maximize one of those $40 for $80 vouchers that a few of us picked up from Gilt City back in late October.  Aside from the fit questions, between the bright colors at the cuffs, hem, and collar, are the arm stripes a little over the top?

Leave your take below, and whether or not you think it’s worth a look at full price, $56, $40, or not at all.