Ralph Lauren Private Sale – November 2011

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Get an Extra 15% off with the code NOV0307

Code is good through Monday November 7th.  And that’s zero-three-zero-seven the way.

Unlike, say, Banana Republic or Macy’s, Ralph Lauren is never perpetually on sale.  They’ll have their goods up at full retail for a lonnnnng time.  And then they drop their prices like wild during one of these private sales.  The code comes from their email list (and is available on the site), and with that extra 15% off some of their stuff gets close to half off:

Richmond Quilted Jacket – $150.45 ($295)

Quilted but not Stay Puft

A jacket with character in the way that a leather jacket has character.  Only, it’s not leather and doesn’t look like leather.  But different all the same.  Follow?  Not really?  Totally understandable that you don’t understand.  Understand?  Corduroy and suede accents, great looking hardware, and four colors to pick from (consider the lighter tan).  Also available in a vest.


Wallingford Suede Ankle Boot – $94.99 ($149)

Suede and American

Made in the USA?  Under $100?  Sure thing.  Way to go Mr. Lauren.  Not sure how they made that happen, but awfully glad they did.  Quality probably isn’t bombproof or anything, but the price is right on.


Custom Fit Contrast Placket Rugby – $59.49 ($98.00)

Also comes in cream, green, black, and blue.

Could still come down some in price, but Ralph Lauren’s “Custom Fit” is a real modern/close fit through the sides and arms.  That’s not easy to find with rugby shirts.  Perfect alternative to a hoodie.


Italian Made Lambswool Chalk Stripe Scarf – $32.73 ($58.00)

A rare price for Made in Italy.

80% lambswool and 20% Nylon.  “Dashing” is a word that carries with it unfortunate skids of frou-frou.  “Dapper” gets thrown around these parts enough as it is.  Handsome?  That’s a real handsome scarf.  Sure to make you look even more handsome than you already are you dashing handsome dapper devil.  Or something.


St. James Spots Tie – $55.24 ($115)

A break from stripes

Still an investment at over $50, but could very well become a go-to for when you’re in a suit.  Made in Italy, 3.5″ at its widest, and has dots that are larger than pindots but not clownishly big.


Regency Silk Dot Tie – $55.24 ($115.00)

More colors and more serious than the St. James.

Not the same as the St. James Spots.  These dots are a little smaller and therefor let the background color carry more of the look.  More refined than the larger spots.


Leather Roller Buckle Belt – $32.73 ($55.00)

Jeans ready

Not a lot of guys get excited about belts, but this one is just out of the norm enough to stand out.  Barely.  A great looking lighter tan and the buckle has a roller to set it apart.


Lambswool V-Neck – $58.31 ($98.00)

Does have the pony in case you're anti-logo.

Careful with these since they are labeled as a “classic” fit.  They’re most likely going to be a little boxy through the sides (and there’s no way they fit as close as the red one does in the pic above.)  But since it’s lambswool, it’s already got some natural heft to it, so it’s less of a deal here.


Quilted Leather Moto Gloves – $52.36 ($88.00)

As good as a $50 glove gets.

And just like that, they go from a big splurge to just a normal splurge.  But they do hold up well.  Lambswool lined, plenty warm, full review over here.


Straight Fit Five Pocket Chino – $46.74 ($89.50)

Under $50 and 5-pockets

Chino fabric so it shouldn’t be like a canvas pant, but still five pocket jean-like styling with rivets too.  All lighter looking colors except for the navy.


Cashmere Lambswool Cuff Hat – $40.46 ($68.00)

The logo is there, but at least it's dark and subtle.

A little different than your standard watch cap.  On this one the cuff is ribbed.  Good color selection, and the fabric is an 80% cashmere / 20% lambswool blend.


Plaid Hunting Cap – $33.15 ($65.00)

The Wabbit. Kill it.

There’s just not a lot of good looking non watch-cap options if you’re trying to prevent frostbite on your ears.  This one claims to have a fold down flap for warmth, and the darker red and lots of navy keep it from looking too Fuddish.


Contrasting Fleece Jacket – $58.31( $98.00)

Grown up enough?

A love it or hate it type of jacket (full honesty: I’m on the fence about these things.)  The varsity jacket / baseball jacket look came back this year, and while sometimes it can look pretty good, sometimes it can look like you’re in costume.  A relatively small investment of $60 if you want to throw something different into your rotation.  The blue and white combination almost looks like someone stole it from Johnny U’s locker.


Deerfield Italian Leather Card Case – $48.45 (reg. $125.00)

Handlebar Moustache not required.

Apologies to all the zero tolerance logo guys, but that’s a hell of a logo right there.  Looks like it just arrived via pony express.  Under $50 makes it well more than half off.


The Splurge: Danesbury Monk Strap – $280.50 ($550)

Made in Italy.

Go to your hometown and visit the family for the holidays?  Or… blow your airfare on a pair of Italian made monk strap shoes, kick back with a glass of port, and relax while every once in awhile glancing at your shoes on Christmas Day?  Depends on your situation, but for some it’s a toss up.

The Ralph Lauren Extra 15% off private sale code NOV0307 expires, you guessed it, Nov. 7th.