Macy’s One Day Sale Picks, November 15 – 16

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Macy’s One Day Sale Picks – November 15 – 16, 2011

As always, it’s incredibly tough to peg when Macy’s will launch a One Day Sale.  Sometimes a month and a half will go by between them, sometimes only a few weeks will pass.  One thing is certain: These are sales worth paying attention to.  The one-day sale prices are some of the best mark downs in the retail industry.  Here’s some of the best from the One-Day-Sale which runs Tues. November 15 – Wed. November 16.  Items marked with a * are “Web Busters.” In store prices may or may not match up.  Selection on all items (especially shoes) in store can vary greatly.

Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Stripe Sweater – $59.99 ($115.00)

Stripes but not crazy

Still not cheap for a cotton sweater, but you pay for the pony in some regards.  Shawl collar and stripes at the cuffs and waist keep it from being boring.  Far from it.


Nautica Wool Mix Peacoat – $69.99* ($250)

Size shown: Medium.

Not incredibly thick but not flimsy either.  Closer at the sides than most Nautica stuff, but you can still sneak plenty of layers in underneath.  Quilted interior and that perfect mid thigh length.  Here’s an up close view.  Part of the best affordable outerwear feature, and it’s hard to imagine the $70 price tag getting any lower.


Tallia Wool & Cashmere Flannel Suit – $219.99 ($650)

Could be a total steal. Minus the shirt.

First, not for beginners or minimalists.  Second, that shirt on the model ain’t the best play.  Claims to be a wool/cashmere blend and flannel at that.  Could be very British looking if you lose the nuclear shirt.


Calvin Klein Warren Suede Chukka – $99.99* ($125)

Ships free and returns free in store.

Calvin Klein shoes are more form than function, but a few of us have pairs that continue to hold up well over time.  Available in a black suede, deep navy suede, and this hard not to like charcoal suede.


INC Slim Fit Cord Blazer – $59.99 ($99.50)

Also available in grey and black.

Macy’s and GAP must be taking a reverse psychology route when it comes to their online photos for their blazers.  They just drape these things over the models and they look lifeless.  This blazer from INC is a slim fit that might need only minor alterations if you’re in good shape.  A new favorite.


Club Room Merino V-Neck – $27.99 ($70.00)

So if you want a canary yellow sweater...

These are true Club Room, not “CR by Club Room” so the fit will be pretty boxy.  Closer to Alfani than Alfani Red for sure.  If you’re real slim leaning skinny, consider forgetting it despite the sub $30 price tag.  Head in store and try a size down if you can.  Tons of colors.


Dockers Alpha Khaki – $39.99 ($68.00)

Slim and different.

A warning on these: plenty have said that they fit real slim.  So if you’ve got bigger legs or any weight on you, might be best to stay away.  Under $40 is a price that even Dockers themselves couldn’t match during their Khaki event from a few weeks back.


Hilfiger Color Block Sweater & Ranger Crew Neck – $94.98 w/ TOMMY ($196)

Save another $25 when bought together.

Those are the prices if you buy both of them together.  The code TOMMY takes $25 off Hilfiger purchases over $100, and these two wool blend sweaters could easily be a well loved foundation to your casual sweater lineup.  No word on fit though, but they do return free in-store.  Barely shy of the $99 free shipping mark.  The color block sweater is just different enough without going full Fair Isle.  And more on Fair Isle tomorrow…


Bar III Elliot Stripe Tie – $26.99 ($39.50)

Limited colors + herringbone texture + stripes = well done.

Not to completely channel the Beach Boys, but wouldn’t it be nice to know the width of these things?  Bar III is a Macy’s house brand that leans pretty young.  So be careful here, they might be razor thin.


Club Room Estate Gingham Shirt – $12.99 ($39.50)

Cheap enough to spring for tailoring.

Description says it’s “oxford woven” but it looks awfully poplin-like from this end of the internet.  Dirt cheap.  Maybe worth picking up if you’re close to the free shipping threshold and don’t want to spring for the UPS man.


Tommy Hilfiger Tuxedo Jacket and Tuxedo Pant – $234.98 w/ TOMMY

Own it. Not rent.

If you’ve got some fancy black tie affair coming up during the holidays, now’s the time to strongly consider investing in your own tuxThat way, if you do decide to take the plunge and shed those awful rental tuxedos for the rest of your life, you’ll have plenty of time to get it tailored to your exact specifications.  The Hilfiger trim fit tux should have you looking 100x better than anyone in a rental.  An extra $25 off with the code TOMMYAlso available in the more traditional peak lapel, as well as a shawl collar if that’s your thing.


Citizen Eco-Drive JZ1020-03 – $199.13 ($295)

One hell of a blend.

Can a watch with any sort of digital readout look refined?  Probably not, but this might be as close as it gets.  Eco drive power system means it never needs a battery, the white stitching on the band is a great touch, and it looks like it has all the options you could want or need.  Macy’s claims it’s an exclusive, and it sure seems to be.

This current Macy’s One Day Sale ends Wednesday 11/16.