Black Friday Deals for Men

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Black Friday used to be an exclusive brick and mortar shopping event.  That’s not the case anymore.  Even though Cyber Monday has gained significant momentum in the last decade, those of us who prefer to do our shopping over the web can still win big the Friday after Thanksgiving. These are some of the best Black Friday online options for guys, and be sure to leave any additional codes and specials you’d like to share in the comments.

Lands’ End Canvasicon: 30% off Everything with DRUMSTICK and pin 1121

LEC makes it easy.

The code and pin that LEC is promoting on their website makes you spend at least $50 to get the free shipping.  DRUMSTICK and 1121 is the free shipping no minimum option.  Good through Cyber Monday too.


Allen Edmonds: Select shoes $100 off. Other selections up to 50% off.

They’re “select” items, but it’s quite the selection.

This sale could warrant an entire post all by itself.  For the shoes, take a look at the damn near perfect looking Amok Suede Chukka for only $150.  Their Boston single Monk Strap is $100 off and down to $225.  And those leather and wool gloves that disappeared last week?  They’re now under $50.  For the marked down shoes, go here.  For the other stuff, head here.


J. Crew / J. Crew FACTORY: 25% off orders of $150 and up with code YOURGIFT

Check FACTORY first.

J. Crew’s black Friday deal is decent if you’re in the market for a sportcoat or a topcoat.  But if you just want something small, it’s not happening at  On the other hand, J. Crew FACTORY is offering 30% off everything.  Prices are already marked on the site. Spend more than $150 at Factory and you absolutely should use the code YOURGIFT which stacks on the 30% off markdowns. Lightning Deals plus select item markdowns

Prepare for sensory overload

Amazon’s lightning Deals are a bit of an annual game.  During Black Friday week, Amazon selects various items in different categories (you can sort with the drop down menu) and offers those items at major discounts for a short period of time.  Once they sell out they’re gone.  It’s a bit limited, but Amazon’s Black Friday watch deals are worth a look.  Specifically the Citizen blackout for just over $100, and a part rugged part elegant Victorinox for under $170.


Endless: 33% off select boots & sneakers

Will shoes get the discount on Monday?

Plain ol’ laceups don’t get the 33% off treatment.  Maybe that’s coming on Cyber Monday but there are some decent looking boots that are worth a look.  Here’s the full spectrum:


Ratio Clothing:  20% off all custom shirts with code BLACKFRIDAY

As good as a splurge shirt gets.

Not just their new plaids (which are pretty terrific looking by the way) but EVERYTHING gets the 20% off axe thanks to the code.  Expires after Monday.  Still expensive at 20% off, but they’re custom and made in the USA.  Full review here.


EXPRESS:  40% off everything until Noon on 11/25/11


That makes it easy.  Extra promo codes don’t seem to be working during this sale.  The site was saying the 40% off blanket discount expires at “Noon.”  Which Noon?  Noon ET?  Probably.


L.L. Bean Signature:  10% off if you click through their link right here

No code. Just click.

10% off might not seem like much at first glance, but L.L. Bean Signature hardly ever discounts.  And when they do, it’s not with a code.  This one is through this link which was pulled off their twitter feed.  The 10% off will activate and you should see the savings once you put something in your cart.


Indochino: 30% off orders of $700 or more with code BF2011

But you have to reach $700.

Been a long time since there was an Indochino code.  Bad news is you’ve got to drop $700 worth of goods in your cart before the 30% off BF2011 code kicks in.  That means you’re looking at $490 out of pocket after the discount.  That won’t work if you’re in the market for just one suit, but still, it’s something.


Living Social:  Half off gift certificates (featuring Bonobos & Bluefly?)

Nice work living social.

Even Living Social is doing the Black Friday thing.  Bonobos Groupons and other half price deal gift certificates are understandably hugely popular, and living social is offering deals from them, Bluefly, and a bunch of others… BUT, according to this, the Bonobos and Bluefly deals go up for sale on Cyber Monday.


Banana Republic:  35% off everything with code BRFRIDAY

Code expires today.

The code BRFRIDAY gets you a solid blanket discount.  It’s not as good as it gets, but with free shipping over $50 and free returns in store, this is one of those deals that will keep a lot of us away from the malls.


GAP: Everything is up to 60% off plus an additional 20% off with GAPSHOP

Careful with this one.

The good news is that everything is on sale.  The bad news is that not everything is 60% off.  Quite the opposite in fact.  But with the extra 20% off code GAPSHOP, the moleskin blazer drops to around $75.


Ralph Lauren:  Extra 25% off select items, plus free shipping no minimum


It’s select styles but there are plenty of good options to pick from.  For example:  The very well liked quilted leather moto gloves are a reasonable $66 shipped.  Full review here.


Rugby:  Take 25% off all “full price and sale product” with code RGBHOL2011

New stuff, sale stuff, everything.

The splashy graphics on says 25% will come off all “holiday collections.”  That seems to translate to, uh… everything that’s on the site right now.  Including sale.  It’s a major splurge, and it’s loud, but this blazer for $224.99 shipped is something else.


Bonobos:  Spend More / Save More with a host of codes

But are we BFF Bonobos?

Those figures work out to 15% off, 20% off, and 30% off, but only if you hit the threshold on the nose.  Might want to hang tight until Cyber Monday to see what Bonobos has up their sleeves.


Macy’s:  Select items marked down, extra 10 – 15% off with GOBBLE

Too much picking and choosing?

Macy’s is a bit of a scavenger hunt on Black Friday.  They’re coy about any site wide codes leading up to the actual day, and most of their best deals seem to be specific items that the discount Gods have chosen for price slashing.


Hilfiger:  Take 30% + 15% off with BLKFRIDAY

Ignore THTHANKS30.

The code THTHANKS30 is the one they’re playing up on the site, but the BLKFRIDAY gets you an extra 15% off on top of that.  But sadly, the Hilfiger site is about as much fun to navigate as a mall parking lot.  Code expires on Sunday.


Timberland:  Take 30% off everything with TBLGIFT

Stackable with their other deals.

You can stack this 30% off blanket code with their current 20% off cold weather accessories and $30 off outerwear deals.  That brings their poor man’s Barbour waxed jacket down to $117.60.  Code expires Sunday.


Urban Outfitters: Free Shipping No Minimum, plus various markdowns

No code needed

Urban Outfitters usually makes you kick in for shipping but through Monday they’ll pick up the tab. The fact that their suede boots just went back on sale is a nice bonus.

What else?  Have you gone out and done the Black Friday thing in person?  Leave any additional tips below…