The Suggestion: INC’s Deep Blue Cord Blazer

Real rich looking for not much cash.
INC International Concepts Slim Fit Cord Blazer – $69.99 ($99.50)

The pictures of this blazer on don’t do it any justice.  But it’s not like these cell phone pics seen here are going to make Annie Leibovitz jealous.  (C’mon now, this site makes heavy usage of MS paint.  You think we’ve got a professional photog budget?)

It comes in grey and black, but the deep blue version is what you’ll want to consider first.  It’s rich, has a little bit of a shine to it, but being that it’s noticeably corduroy you won’t suffer from any “velvet jacket dude” stereotyping.

The cut off the rack is superb.  Could be brought in a little at the waist if you’re slim leaning skinny.  A medium fit my build almost perfectly and the length isn’t cut too short.  Sure it gets a little wonky when an arm gets raised up to take a picture, but the shoulders are fine for a jacket that could dip to around $50 at some point.

Now $70, could get cheaper...

Be warned.  There are patch pockets on this blazer.  Even the chest pocket is of the patch variety, but that’s no knock against it.  Sleeve buttons are non functioning like most INC jackets.  Center vent in the rear.

It’s not the quietest thing in the world, but this is the kind of jacket you wear to a holiday party where friends will be dressed up but still in jeans.  This is the kind of jacket you wear out for beers with some pals, only to have the cute bartender tell you out of nowhere: “I really like your blazer.”  This is the kind of jacket you don’t spend much money on but really like to wear.  A lot.