The Bonobos 50% off Facebook sale

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50,000 Facebook Likes = 1/2 off Bonobos on 10/1/11

How much of these picks will be left when the day ends?  Who knows.  To their credit, Bonbos has been saying since they hit 50,000 fans that their stock was going to be limited the day of the sale.  Half off is a huge amount and none of us knows their margins.  But a new customer base this gigantic might be priceless in the eyes of Bonobos.

You only have today, 12:00am – 11:59pm EDT and if you forgot to get your code over the weekend via their facebook page, then you’re out of luck.  The maximum amount of discount you can receive has been set at $250.  So in theory you could pick up $500 worth of goods and shell out “only” $250.  Here’s one way to potentially do just that, and remember, there’s no minimum spend requirement.

UPDATE:  This has been a bit of a cluster.  After their facebook page wrecked over the weekend not allowing many to get the code for the sale, the Bonobos website apparently crashed this morning when the sale went live.  Stock appears to have been decimated, and with their switch to a new platform it’s no longer immediately clear what sizes are still available.  That wasn’t the case with the old platform.  Overall reaction to the sale on Facebook / Twitter hasn’t been real friendly, which is no surprise.  Leave your take in the comments below…

Bonobos Double Barrel Bull Denim – $49.00 ($98)

Grey jeans that don't look too much like jeans.

Ss close as you’re going to get to the now seemingly defunct 5-pocket canvas pant from Banana Republic.  Their Bull Denim is, wait for it… denim… but not so heavy that they’re not easy to move in.  Plus you get the Bonobos fit, shipping, and customer service.


Bonobos Hash Marks Sweater – $49.00 ($98)

Someone help Cutler off the grass.

Makes me almost wish I was a Bears fan.  Almost (*cough* go Packers.)  Anyway, orange and blue is a not used nearly enough color combination.  Cotton / Merino wool blend should be ideal.  Stripes go to the back as well.


Wolverine Clapton Boot – $77.50 ($155)

$155 is a lot, but under $80 seems like a deal.

No they’re not from the Wolverine 1000 mile collection, but they appear to be much better looking than the $80 (for today only) price tag.  Casual yes, but upgraded casual if you keep them polished and looking good.


Bonobos Check Republic Shirt – $49.00 ($98)

A pop of color that's not obnoxious.

If you don’t live in the sun belt, you’re going to want a couple of things with some color for the upcoming fall and winter.  After the 9th day in a row of nothing but clouds, wearing a white shirt under a black sweater & wool grey pants might put you over the edge.  This is the answer.  Would look perfect with a grey tweed sportcoat.


Bonobos Dark Heather Belt – $25.00 ($50.00)

Winter webbing

Since you’ve shelved your brighter and lighter summer appropriate web belts for the next six months, this belt is as good as any to tide you over till spring.

Total Pre Code: $499  After Code: $249.50  Or, if you want to flex some luxury muscle, there’s this combo:

Jack Spade David Brief – $187.50 ($375) & Bass Cordovan Cayman II – $65.00 ($130)

Not bad for $255. If you have $255.

They say the fastest way to get from point A to point B is in a straight line.  Or, shop for leather goods.  You do go $5 over the max here, but that just means you don’t get 50% off that last $5.00.  Again, there is no minimum spend requirement and as always, window/screen shopping is 100% free.

Note:  This post fired off just before the sale went live.  Some or all of the items shown above might be sold out.  Did you take advantage of the sale?  If so, what’d you snag?  Leave your take on this Bonobos promotion below.