Style Scenario: The Halloween Costume Party

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The Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume:  Marty McFly

So you want to dress up, but you don’t want to look like a total tool.  You’re considering the James Bond / sharp suit look but people probably won’t know who you’re supposed to be.  You’re running out of time and you don’t want to drop a ton of money on some elaborate costume.

This is heavy.

Or not.  Go as Marty McFly.  It’s easy, inexpensive, comfortable, and everybody loves it.  Marty is as cool as they come.  He has style, the ladies love him (especially his Mom but that’s another issue) and if you run into anyone in a 50s era type of costume, you’re golden.  Get a pal to don a white lab coat and white wig and there’s your Doc.  It’s a costume that requires some of your own wardrobe and a little thrift store shopping.  Here’s how to do it:


The Required Pieces
  • The Vest – These are a little hard to find in thrift stores, but don’t limit yourself to just the men’s section.  There are plenty of red down type vests that are unisex and get stuck in the women’s area.
  • The Jean Jacket – Marty was all about layering.  Incredibly easy to find.  You want a medium wash, so if you do own a dark wash version it won’t look quite right.  Pop that collar.
  • The Button Up – Just about any white based patterned shirt will do, but like the jean jacket, these are in thrift stores everywhere.  If you can’t find one there, try Old Navy.  Button it only half way up and roll the cuffs back, up, and over the cuffs of the jacket.
  • The Red T-Shirt – Head to Target and pick up a $7.99 Mossimo athletic fit
  • Medium Wash Jeans – If you wear super dark denim, no one will know who you are.  You probably have a pair of lighter jeans lurking somewhere in your closet that you use for mowing the lawn.
  • White Sneakers – The Nike MAG shoes from II are famous, but any white sneakers will work here.
  • Very Little Hair Product – You want your hair dry, windblown, and fluffy.  Take it easy with the product.
The Optional Stuff
  • Suspenders / Braces – If your vest is on all night, nobody is going to see them anyway.  Just don’t wear a belt.  Make sure you tuck those shirts in.
  • A cam-corder and walkman – You can find these two pieces of flashback technology in plenty of thrift stores.
  • Calvin Klein underwear – Maybe it’s best that you don’t wear these.  That way you won’t feel obligated to show everyone after a few drinks how truly committed you are to the costume.
  • Casio Calculator Watch A digital watch of any kind is just fine.  Got an Ironman you run with?  Use it.
  • The Delorean – Seems like there’s one in every large city.  If you can somehow borrow one, you’ll be a legend.  Or, start saving now and maybe in a few years you can roll up to a party in your own electric model.
  • The Lyrics to “Back in Time – If there’s Karaoke, Huey Lewis and The News will be required.  And, c’mon, the man actually worked “please don’t drive eighty-eight” into a song.  Respect.


Your turn fellas.  What costumes are easy and inexpensive to put together?  Leave your suggestions and past success stories in the comments below.  Good luck this Halloween…