Style Debate: The Mall vs. Shopping Online

There are significant drawbacks to each of these.

The case for The Mall:
  If fit is everything, then shopping online is far from easy.  It’s tough to try something on through your computer monitor.  Plus, online pics can be awfully misleading.  In-store sales and clearance racks can differ from sale sections/discount codes online, and often they’re even better than their website counterparts.  Plus, despite the proliferation of free shipping, no one charges you to get your purchase from the register to your car at the mall.

The case for Shopping Online Some of us will gladly put up with the shipping costs and fit risks if it means we can avoid a trip to our local mega shopping center.  It’s not quite as bad as Walmart or getting on a flight to Las Vegas, but it seems like 90% of patrons wolf down a double portion of idiot casserole before hitting the mall.  You feel like your IQ drops a few points just by walking through those large glass doors.  What little brain cells you have left are instantly killed upon strolling past any store with a sub 21 year old target demo, and those belches of Cabo ready cologne overwhelm your senses.  Maybe if they moved the overaggressive salespeople hawking bath salts from kiosks out to the parking lot, and you were allowed to wing them with your car, then the mall would go from barely tolerable to somewhat enjoyable.

There’s the case for each side.  Are you a mall shopper?  Are you strictly online?  And if you do a combination of both which do you prefer?  Leave your pick for the superior way to get what you want and need in the comments below.  Above Photo Credit