Making the most of the current Bonobos Groupon

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Bonobos Groupon:  $30 for $60 or $55 for $110

Via the Topeka KS Groupon page, and no you don’t have to live there to buy it.  Credit John M. with the style tip

So you’ve got options this time.  Spend $30 and you’ll get $60 in credit at Bonobos.   The $55 investment level gets you $110.  And both options could very well get even more valuable if the 20% off code BANANAS can be stacked on top of the Groupon.

Bonobos just launched their new platform, and despite the new site being frustrating when it comes to finding sizes (you can’t tell which sizes are sold out at first glance) they do still seem to allow you to use a gift certificate and promo code at the same time.  A quick phone call to a Ninja named “Jim” (no, not Tim) gave us this semi-answer:  “They should stack.”  Okay then.  Assuming they do, let’s get on with it:

Timberland Earthkeepers 6″ City Zip – $81.00 ($170)

Like paying for one boot but getting two.

Here’s how to get this price:  The 20% off code BANANAS knocks these down to $136.  If you spent $55 for the $110 in credit, then $136 – $110 = $26.  Add that $26 to what you originally paid for the Groupon, and you get $26 + $55 = $81 out of pocket cost for the Timberlands.  Full review on them here, and know that some have complained of a quick wearing sole.  I haven’t seen that with mine.


Bonobos All-Rounder Oxfords – $40.40 ($88.00)

More than a fair price for Made in the USA

Made in Philadelphia and a step above a Lands’ End Canvas oxford in terms of fit.  The code drops them to $70.40, and if you bought the $30 for $60 Groupon that leaves $11.40 left to shell out on top of the cost of the certificate.  Ships free and again, made in the U.S.


Bonobos Bull Denim – $48.40 ($98.00)

Plenty more colors too.

More than a few positive emails have been sent in from you guys in the readership about Bonobos Bull denim.  5 pocket styling with the Bonobos fit on cotton that’s not quite chino but not a sloppy heavy jean material either.  Under $50 if you buy the lower priced groupon and use that code.  Fifty bucks ain’t cheap, but it’s not $98 either.


Jack Spade Card Case & Personality Milano Tie – $61.00 ($180)

Buy only the tie and you're out just $34.

Hang on because this gets confusing.  The Jack Spade is $65 and the Tie is $80 but on sale from $115.  Dump those two items in your cart, apply the 20% off code, and you end up with $116.  Buy a $55 for $110 and you’re left with $6 extra on top of your Groupon cost.  OR… just go with the tie.  Just the tie will run only $34 if you buy a $30 for $60 then use the 20% off code.  Tie is made in Italy.


Bonobos Italian Cotton Blue Grey or Brown Cord Blazer – $143.40 ($248)


It’s going to be awfully tough to beat J. Crew’s unstructured cord blazer this fall, but the Bonobos version comes with the plaid liner and ships free.  More than $100 off with the big Groupon and the code.  Not quite sure though.  The J. Crew option has been going on sale a lot in-store.


Sebago Fairhaven – $57.00 ($140)

For under $60, feel free to dirty them up.

For the crappy wet weekends that involve a lot of running around town.  Clunk but, well… “style-forward clunk” if such a thing is possible.  White contrast soles, yellow laces, and nice stitching throughout.  Mega cheap with the groupon / code parlay.

Just a reminder:  All of the above prices assume that you can stack the Groupon and a 20% off code on top of each other.  No word when the 20% off code BANANAS expires.  The Groupon expires 5/1/2012.  UPDATE:  Looks Ninja Jim was correct.  You can stack the code and the Groupon… for now.